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CAANZ Careers Series - Rising to leadership

Session 4 – Rising to leadership

Our final session will delve into the steps you need to take to become an effective leaders, why EQ is as important in business as it is in life and what you can do now to plot your path to management.

The workshop will provide you with information on goal setting, career mapping and how a great start can set you up for success

CAANZ Careers Series - Nurturing business relationships

Session 3 – Nurturing business relationships

In our third session we’re going to zero in on the importance of establishing strong relationships with both colleagues and clients, tips to quickly establish rapport and how you can deal with difficult situations.

The workshop following the session will give you the opportunity to use the skills you have learnt to answer a group case study.

CAANZ Careers Series - Stepping into the workplace

Session 2 – Stepping into the workforce

Stepping into the workforce, will provide you with the insights to help plan your ‘after study’ journey, advice on finding a job in the accounting field, transitioning from study to full time employment and what you can do now to stand out.

The workshop following this session will show you how to build a professional CV making sure you give employers a positive first impression.