A Day in the Life of a BNZ Analytics and Insights Graduate

Jul 22, 2019

A day in the life of a BNZ Analytics and Insights Graduate

Graduate: Ella
Organisation: BNZ
Role: Analytics and Insights Graduate

Ella BNZ4

6:30 am - After hitting the snooze button repeatedly to get extra sleep, I finally get up in the morning. Lunch is prepared the night before so I grab it and get myself ready for work. By 7:15 am, I’m quickly regretting the extra minutes of sleep I’ve had as it’s a mad dash uphill to catch my bus on time.

8:00 am - It’s a relief to finally breathe in some fresh air once I get off a packed bus in the city. I make my way to the office and the first challenge of the day is choosing a place to sit. With hotdesking, I get to move around and sit anywhere I want each day. Once I’m all set up at my desk, I’m off to have some small talk and breakfast before starting work.

8:30 am - It’s time to get cracking. I flick off some emails, go through my schedule for the day and boot up the applications that I need. While I get my data loaded, I pull out my sticky notes and write down the tasks I’m working on so that I can stick them onto my team’s Kanban board. We work in an agile space so there are regular standup meetings in the morning, where we update each other on our progress. It’s a great way to hear about other people’s tasks and bounce ideas off each other when we run into blockers.

9:30 am - My tasks usually consist of a mixture between coding and making a dashboard (visual presentation of information) for a project. I usually spend time understanding the data I’m working with and manipulating it to create a full set that I can use for my dashboarding needs. The coding and troubleshooting is quite a time-consuming process, but I get hands-on experience in working with big data. Of course, If I get stuck with anything in my code there’s always an expert on the floor who’s happy to share new tricks with me!

11 am - At 11 am there’s a regular Insights Team Meeting, where a few people from the team get to showcase the work they’ve produced over the last fortnight. This can range from completed dashboards which are used in other parts of the bank to how data documentation has been done. It’s a great way to learn about different ways of doing things. There are a bunch of creative people in the team, so it’s always amazing to see the insights that come out of each person’s project.

12 pm - By the time 12 pm hits, I’m ready for lunch. A large group of us gather around the kitchen area and it’s nice to just be able to destress and talk about how the day is going. However, we don’t just sit around and chat for an hour. There’s the occasional foosball game thrown in during lunch - but my foosball skills just aren’t up to scratch with some of the others at BNZ.

1 pm - After a good break, it’s time to get back into the work and exercise the creative side of my brain with how I want to present the data. I load in a running code into an application so that I can test out some layouts. I try out a few basic graphs and tables, to begin with, and bounce ideas and opinions off others on the floor.

2 pm - As a grad, I move around a lot and get placed into different projects/groups to gain more exposure to the business. With being part of projects, I also attend project meetings with stakeholders to learn about what their business needs from the Data & Analytics team members working on the project. These meetings allow me to gain different perspectives on how other departments use and view data – which helps me decide on the visual layouts for my dashboards.

Ella BNZ 2

3 pm - With more information and perspectives from different people on how to visualise data, I get back into creating a functional dashboard. I usually have a lot of tabs open where I make little tweaks to the layout or change up the coding to get different information.
There’s a lot of flexibility with how I choose to visualise data, but I always keep in mind that I have to present the dashboards to the stakeholder and they need to be easily usable for everyone.

4 pm - It’s the home stretch! At this point, it’s time to wind down for the day and tie up any loose ends in my code and dashboards. I document up any of my tasks that I’ll still be working on the next day so that I know what I’m following on from when I come in again.
5 pm - Now it’s time to triple check that everything is saved properly, check my schedule for tomorrow and shut down for the day.

Ella's advice to anyone applying for a graduate role:

"The advice I’d give to anybody thinking of applying for a graduate role is to be yourself in the application process. It sounds cheesy and obvious, but your interests don’t have to revolve around the role you are applying for. Having unique experiences and hobbies will make you stand out in the sea of applicants and will give you an extra edge."

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