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Exam Preparation Tips: How to Ace It

Advice Student Life Student Cities May 06 2021

Exam Season got you on edge? NxtStep has got you sorted! Here are our quick-fire and fool-proof hack...

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6 Best Apps for Students

Advice Student Life Apr 22 2021

Smartphones often get a bad rap as detriments to our productivity. But ask any phone-savvy student w...

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Top Habits of Successful Students

Advice Graduate Jobs Internships Student Life Student Cities Mar 26 2021

As Semester One looms ahead and students make the transition from summertime vibes to full time stud...

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Student Mental Wellbeing: Why it’s important?

Advice Student Life Mar 17 2021

Taking care of your wellbeing can be as simple as going to bed early, socialising with friends, exer...