The Ultimate Guide to Studying Abroad

Jan 28, 2019

Choosing to study abroad at university is one of the best decisions you can make to invest in your future, and to make life long friends and memories. Read our blog for the ultimate guide to planning your exchange!

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Choosing your Uni Papers for Success!

Jan 14, 2019

Depending on who you are as a person, enrolling in university papers at the start of the year is like the first day of school - you’re either excited to...

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A Summer School Survival Guide

Jan 07, 2019

Ahh summer, that glorious time of sun, sand and… study? Yup, it’s early January 2019, and you’re stuck in summer school.

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Make the Most of Your Summer – Become a Life-long Learner

Dec 10, 2018

Ever noticed the mental lag when you get back to uni after summer? Here are some tips on how to keep learning so returning to study is less of a bother.

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