Five questions to ask in your next job interview

This is definitely a question you can (and should) prepare for no matter what the role. Asking a smart question shows your interest in the role, may help you decide if you actually want the job and possibly secure a job offer from the employer. Below are a few questions that you could consider asking at your next job interview:

“What does a typical work week look like for someone in this position?”

Finding out what kind of work-life balance you are in for is important in deciding whether you are the right fit for the role. If working late hours or being required to work weekends is not your thing. If you prefer structured weeks, goal setting and daily guidance. These are things to consider in order to know what you are in for.

“What do you think would be my biggest challenge in this role?”

Each role will have its challenges. Often employers hire staff who can manage these challenges and bring in solutions to improve the efficiency of the business. By identifying what the problems are and comparing them to your skills and your ability to mitigate challenges the employer will be able to see you are the right fit for the role. 

“What concerns/reservations do you have about me for this position?”

Often it is hard to interpret exactly what your interviewer is thinking. To get a better understanding of how your interview has gone and whether the employer thinks you are suitable for the role, ask about any concerns they may have. For example, a concern of theirs might be that you could be unreliable due to other commitments you may have. Finding this out will allow you to better define what hours you are and are not available to work.

“What kind of training and progression opportunities are there?”

Going into a role it is important to know what opportunities will be made available to you. How will your role progress over the next two years? Will I be involved in any training or study? What skills should I expect to build on?