Getting the best out of NxtStep


Registering with NxtStep is the best way to get information directly to your email. This information comes as a weekly newsletter outlining available jobs, internships, and graduate opportunities. You can also receive notifications directly from employers in your field when a vacancy becomes available. This is an incredibly powerful feature, as it ensures that you are always informed when your favorite employers start their recruitment period. Registering with NxtStep is easy. All you have to do is click the big orange banner on the NxtStep homepage. Fill in your personal details, your area of study and how long you have to go with your degree, and you’re set! Double check that the mailing list box is ticked to make sure you receive information directly to your email, making your life thousand times easier.





The NxtStep Calendar is full of important dates that will help you keep track of everything you need to know. The calendar is a handy feature that shows you upcoming events, Live Chats with prospective employers, closing dates for job applications, and much, much more. The calendar is constantly updated, so it’s handy to check every few days to make sure that you know what is coming up. Employers do not accept late applications, so make sure to use the calendar to its fullest potential and never miss an application deadline! The calendar is accessible on the NxtStep homepage as highlighted in the picture below.



Find employers in your field

Perhaps it’s your first time on NxtStep and you have no idea what to look for. You could go through every employer and find out if they’re looking for someone like you – or you could use a time-saving feature that only brings up employers looking for graduates and students in your field. This feature is found on the NxtStep homepage. Select your area of study, your course, how long you have to go, and where you would like to work, and NxtStep takes care of the rest. NxtStep shows you every company on their database that is looking for a graduate like you. You can view each company’s profile and get a feel for their industry sector, their brand, their company culture, and the opportunities they offer. Each profile also contains links to their company Facebook page and website so you can investigate further. Accessing this information is simple – just follow the prompts below.


Job board

The NxtStep Job Board lists roles that are now receiving applications. To access the job board, click “Jobs” in the top banner of the NxtStep homepage as shown in the image below. This banner remains in place throughout the NxtStep site for quick and easy access. The pink button that states “Applications Open” means that this employer is hiring now. This button appears beside each job listing that is currently open. Click on this button, or the “Learn More” button to go to the full job listing, where you will find all the information on the role and what the employer is looking for.




The NxtStep Blog is the best place to find content, stories, and tips on things related to studying and employment. This covers a wide range of subjects relevant to students and graduates, from what it’s like to move to a new town, cheap things to do in student cities, what to expect at networking events, how to write a good CV, and so much more. Sometimes, employers will post content to the blog sharing what it’s like to work for their company. It’s a great opportunity to gain insight into the professional world which is very different to life at university. To access the blog, click here. The blog is also accessible from the NxtStep homepage.