Manufacturing the Future

Olivia’s journey with Fisher and Paykel Healthcare (FPH) began in 2011 while she was still a student. Fast forward a year and she is now employed full time as an operations engineer. Her interest in this role within FPH was sparked after attending an FPH factory tour while still at university. Impressed by the company’s manufacturing facilities and the way things were run on the production floor, Olivia knew FPH would be a great place to start her engineering career.

Being a part of this team means Olivia has the opportunity to work on a variety of different projects, with no one day being the same as the last. Her role varies greatly, moving between designing new stations for production, solving manufacturing errors or even spending time on the factory floor fixing machinery with the maintenance team. However, Olivia’s main focuses are increasing efficiency, reducing waste and monitoring the factory’s production processes.

While the variation of work is what keeps her day exciting, it’s the people she works with and the company culture that keeps her coming in every day. Being a new graduate in a big company can be a bit daunting. However, Olivia puts her easy transition into FPH down to the support she received from her very first day.

FPH is very focused on the development of its employees. Each month Olivia sits down with her manager to go over the skills and experience she needs to achieve her personal goals. Olivia is given opportunities to gain further training and skill development both inside and outside of work. Problem-solving, project management, and communication are integral to Olivia’s role and her confidence in these areas is growing continuously.

Attending leadership summits and workshops, and taking part in team building activities like Zorb football are just some of the great opportunities that FPH have made available for their employees. Working for such a big company means that there is a large group of graduates and lots of social sports teams such as orienteering, indoor netball and even ultimate Frisbee that help the graduates build confidence in the new workplace. 

Fisher and Paykel Healthcare (FPH) is one of New Zealand’s leading manufacturing companies, designing and manufacturing a range of respiratory products for hospital and home use. A career with FPH in the medical device industry means assisting in saving lives and improving people’s on-going quality of life.