Step Up Your CV By Volunteering This Summer

Auckland Zoo

Auckland Zoo is always looking for volunteers committed to the conservation of wildlife. This is a sociable role where you interact with visitors and Auckland Zoo staff to share your passion and support this worthy cause. Furthermore, you get to see incredible wild animals and bring their stories to life! Their busiest period is over summer, so get in quick to ensure your spot on this awesome team!



Carrying on with the wildlife theme, the Department of Conservation has awesome volunteering opportunities for keen environmentalists. These opportunities span the entire country, and the roles vary depending on your region. The length of these activities varies too, some requiring only a day to complete, others requiring over a week. It’s a great opportunity to get amongst the beauty of New Zealand’s flora and fauna and help protect the environment that sustains our tourism industry.


Rotoroa Island

If you want to be involved for a longer period of time, from December through to March, apply for the Rotoroa Island Summer Volunteer program. Again, this is for people passionate about conservation, but necessary skills include public speaking, as you would be required to educate visitors on Rotoroa Island’s operations. You will also learn key skills in the area of biosecurity, which translates into attention to detail, diligence and observation skills on your CV.



The YMCA is invested in the youth of New Zealand, and they rely on volunteers in order for their operations to have the biggest impact! They offer plenty of volunteering opportunities, giving you the chance to lead a team, gain confidence in public speaking, and learn important interpersonal skills that will elevate your CV to the next level. And along the way, you’ll have plenty of fun and help the youth of NZ excel in their lives!


Red Cross

The New Zealand Red Cross has a plethora of volunteering opportunities available in a wide range of areas. Events, admin support, community transport, knitting groups, shop volunteers, refugee support… the opportunities are endless, and they’re always happy to have new faces on board. These roles have a significant impact on the lives of New Zealanders in the time of their greatest need. This volunteer program is a noble addition to your CV and a perfect opportunity to develop empathetic skills.


Volunteer abroad

Volunteering abroad is increasingly accessible these days, with a great number of websites and agencies dedicated to sourcing quality volunteers to help with disaster relief, education, building resilient communities, evangelization, conservation, and environmental activism. Having international experience showcases your adaptability, and your ability to survive and even thrive in completely new environments. It also allows you to travel and make a meaningful difference in the lives of people in distant parts of the world. Africa, India, the Pacific, and Latin America are places with plenty of volunteering opportunities, and it’s just a case of finding a worthwhile cause and a trusted agency to get you there so you can go and make a difference.


For a wider list of volunteer opportunities at home, is your one-stop shop for awesome causes to get behind!


Volunteering is becoming increasingly popular as employers grow more demanding for a meaningful experience. The skills that you gain from volunteering come as a bonus to the satisfaction that you gain from working to achieve something for the good of mankind or the environment. With all of these awesome opportunities available, you can bring your friends and make an event of it, and work together with your fellow humans to make the world a better place.