Supporting CA Program candidates with the CA Study Masterclass during COVID-19


  • CA ANZ is providing the opportunity for CA Program candidates to gain additional support for exams with the CA Study Masterclass delivered online
  • Workshops for the CA Study Masterclass will be delivered online this term
  • Candidates will be provided with the support and resources they need to succeed

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) is continuing to support CA Program candidates during COVID-19 with the CA Study Masterclass (CASM) delivered online.

Designed to support aspiring CAs to succeed in their learning, CA ANZ has adapted and transformed its CASM face-to-face workshops to online offerings for candidates.

"CA Study Masterclasses (CASM) will continue to support candidates who are studying the CA Program by providing them with the resources to accelerate in their learning and approach exams with confidence."

Samantha Wilson, General Manager of the CA Program.

With one in three CA Program candidates choosing to enrol in CASM, CA ANZ has taken practical action to change the way that workshops are delivered to candidates.

"Prior to COVID-19, candidates of CASM would have the option to attend a full series of face-to-face workshops, including an exam preparative intensive day. As an alternative, candidates had the option to attend five two-hour webinars" said Wilson.

"Given the restrictions in response to COVID-19, we have adapted and transferred 114 face-to-face workshops to online , as we are committed to helping our candidates feel confident and ready to sit their exams, despite the disruption."

CA ANZ is committed to providing candidates with the opportunity to sharpen their technical skills and critical capabilities and understands the importance of interaction with peers and participation in facilitated workshops. CA ANZ has designed a virtual offering for CA Program candidates enrolled into CASM that incorporates these elements of interaction.

"To ensure that our candidates continue to receive input from facilitators, and the ability to work with other candidates, CA ANZ will be providing candidates with virtual classrooms through a platform called Collaborate which has been trialed and tested by our team," said Wilson.

"Our team has carefully developed these sessions so candidates can get the most out of their interactive classroom exercises. Collaborate provides our candidates with the opportunity to bounce ideas off each other, share their knowledge, as well as be guided by a facilitator who is a qualified CA and subject matter expert."

The course structure and format of the CA Study Masterclass has been altered slightly in terms of timings. Candidates are not expected to be online for an eight-hour virtual classroom, the online sessions will be interspersed with activities to be completed offline.

"In this new format, candidates will continue to attend a session with their peers and a facilitator to discuss key points, technical areas and key issues," said Wilson.

"Candidates are expected to do some work outside of the virtual classroom, but during the online session there will be a mix of facilitator led activity as well as breakout rooms with smaller groups. This provides candidates with the opportunity to discuss their ideas as if they were seated at the same table in a physical classroom and receive feedback and insights from their facilitator and peers."

In terms of changes to exams and the CA Study Masterclass timetable, candidates are offered a choice of whether they would like to progress with their studies online or withdraw and defer with no financial or academic disadvantage. Candidates that choose to continue their studies this term will be provided with an additional two weeks to prepare, and the opportunity to practice for the online exams.

"For candidates who are enrolled in CASM but who choose to place their studies on hold, their access to resources and material from CASM will still be available to them once they recommence their module. Candidates who choose to continue their studies are given an additional two weeks to prepare for their exams to help them adapt to sitting the exam online. We have also shifted the timetable for the CA Study Masterclass exam preparation days by two weeks to provide our candidates with the additional support closer to the exam," said Wilson.

"We encourage our candidates to know that we are here to support them in their learning, and although the transition to online is a change, it is an opportunity to accelerate their learning for future success."