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Extra-Curricular Activities that Merits a Spot in Your CV

Advice Career Advice CVs Graduate Jobs Student Life Tips Apr 07 2021

CVs are a crucial part of any job application whether for a part time, full time position or interns...

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4 Ways to Boost Your CV if You Didn't Get an Internship

CVs Career Advice Internships Tips Nov 12 2020

No internship? No problem. Here are four different ways to have a rewarding summer and set yourself ...

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Interview Research: What to prepare before your job interview?

Advice CVs Career Advice Graduate Jobs Internships Student Life Tips Jun 03 2020

This week, the Grad Guys breakdown the different types of interviews you might encounter!

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CV Writing: Tips & What to Avoid

CVs Advice Feb 12 2020

CV writing can be daunting and confusing, and with graduate programmes starting to open up you might...