Not just about the money! Part-time jobs while studying

May 28, 2018

Despite the thoughts of your impending doom, it is important to step back and consider all the benefits that come from having a part-time job.

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What to expect from your first networking event

May 21, 2018

Networking events can be a great forum for you to ask any questions you have about future jobs and the process after you graduate - but they also have their own social codes and expectations. 

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Travelling on the Cheap

May 14, 2018

Travel advice for the student with a tight budget. Get overseas, or around NZ with these hot tips. Exploring doesn't have to cost a fortune, and travelling can be more cost-effective than you might think. 

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Sussing Student Deals in Wellington

Apr 23, 2018

It pays to be in the know - get the low down  on Wellington student deals here.

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