The Ultimate Summer Guide to Have Fun in the Sun

Looking for things to do in the summer? The holiday season is the perfect time to get out and about, refresh your senses, learn something, develop new hobbies, get a part time job, see family and friends, and go on day (or weekend/week-long) trips. With so many options, it’s important to make the most of your time off and use it as an opportunity to grow in who you are, at the same time as reflecting on what you’ve done during the year. Here’s a bit of inspiration for you. Things that you can add to your summer break bucket list in order to make the most of your university summer break in New Zealand. 

Explore beaches

One of the greatest things about New Zealand is the magnitude of stunning coastlines right throughout the country. Why not take a roadtrip with your closest friends, take a picnic and a bodyboard, and spend the day soaking up the sand, sea and sun? Get excited about riding the waves, or relaxing on a blow-up pizza slice whilst getting epic Insta-worthy photos.  Going to the beach and feeling the sand between your toes has so many benefits for your overall well-being. You could even collect some shells and start making your own collages or jewelry to give away as gifts!

Get fit and active

You might already be quite fit, but even if that’s the case, keeping active and engaging with physical activities is a great thing to do over the summer break. Thankfully, you’ll have no trouble finding great outdoor locations to do this, which means you don’t need to pay a membership fee for the gym! Download your favourite podcasts/playlists and go for a run through the bush trails, along the beach, or around your neighbourhood. Join a walking/running group, and if you enjoy participating in activities with bigger crowds, perhaps look into doing a couple of fun-runs and charity walks.

Swimming is another awesome physical activity that will help improve your physical and mental wellbeing. When the sun is out, look online for your nearest outdoor pool, or head to a nearby beach for a splash. In New Zealand in particular, knowing how to swim is a key life skill, so why not practice while the weather is good?

How about starting a dance class, do yoga in the park, or even join a summer sports league? There are endless options out there for all fitness levels and abilities. Being with other people can really help motivate you to keep going! Plus, it’s a great way to make new friends!
Set yourself some personal goals and promise yourself some rewards upon success of reaching them. Big or small, setting goals that are achievable within our own boundaries and abilities can be a great way to keep ourselves focused. 

Go hiking

Speaking of getting fit and active, New Zealand has an endless amount of national parks, mountain ranges, hills, fields, and bush walks available for us all to enjoy. In the summer, chucking on some activewear, collecting snacks and going on a daywalk can be such a fun way to de-stress and connect with nature. You don’t need all of the expensive hiking gear to go hiking. A simple backpack and some trainers should suffice if the weather is clear! 

Go camping

If you’re a fan of truly taking time out, don’t mind sharing facilities, and love being near lots of nature-based opportunities? Then, camping is a fantastic thing to do! You can cook meals around a mini stove, get cosy with sleeping bags, and wake up with the birds each day before taking on the local activities. Camping doesn’t necessarily have to be in a tent, either. If you’re not a fan of setting up camping beds and walking to another building for a shower, then look into hiring a small campervan with your friends and take yourselves on an epic adventure.

Find a new hobby

With free time at your fingertips, finding and getting good at a new hobby is something that will enrich your life in all kinds of ways. If you’re struggling for ideas, why not look into joining a sailing club or go fishing with friends. If you enjoy crafts you could learn to make jewelry! Then if you’re flatting with friends, you could even get a head start on next year’s meal planning by learning to cook a different kind of cuisine.

Over the summer, you can channel all your energy into doing activities that help you relax and have fun. Who knows, a hobby might even become something you can later monetise, and you could find a new tribe of friends!

Get a job or be a volunteer 

If you think you’ll be (or plan to be) spending your summer break in your hometown, and you would like to earn a bit of money while you’re not also juggling study, have a browse online and in your area for a part-time job. Opportunities crop up all the time over the summer because regular staff like to go on holiday so they need temporary replacements. In some industries such as retail and hospitality, everything gets super busy so it’s always good to have more people working. 

If you’re not completely sure about paid work, why not test the waters and look into volunteering opportunities. Volunteering opens the door for you to make a real difference in the lives of others, and can make your summer really memorable. Check out our volunteering blog for more information and insights.

Either way, whether working for money or as a volunteer, you’ll have the chance to develop all kinds of useful skills, make new connections, broaden your horizons and have something extra to put on your CV for the future!

Festival fun

Over the summer, there’s nothing quite as nice as relaxing to good tunes, drink in hand, surrounded by good friends and family. Then, for those who are a bit more party-inclined, upbeat music and flashing lights can bring endless enjoyment. This is what music festivals are all about. Search out some of the music festivals happening over the summer break and see where you and your loved ones could head to! Classic go-to’s are things like R&V over new year’s eve, Splore (family friendly!), and Homegrown.

Summertime is the time for getting out there, doing fun things, enjoying your surroundings and taking time to explore further afield. If you’re looking for things to add to your summer break bucket list, take a few from our blog and see just how much you can do between chilling out and doing sweet nothing (which is also important!).

Written by Ellie Bambury