Tips to help you get through exams

Struggling to remember study material?

You need to actively engage with the content you want to learn, reading it alone is simply not enough! By engaging with the content you need to learn, your brain is actively doing something with the information. How do you go about this? Try re-writing your notes, condensing parts of information into small sentences, acronyms or even diagrams.

Do you need to remember names and formulas?

Sometimes the specific details can be the hardest to recall when you are sitting in a room full of people at a small desk with only a few hours to put pen to paper. A tip for this is to create post-it-notes with your formulas and stick them around the house, on your mirror, in the shower, anywhere that you might find yourself spending time. Stick them on the ceiling of your room to read before bed if you have to! (Note: this may require larger writing).

Take plenty of breaks and reward yourself!

Studying can be intense and well a bit of a struggle. But it doesn’t have to be, with a plan in mind, make sure you take time out whilst studying. The general advice for breaking whilst studying is to get outside, do some exercise, eat brain food and drink lots of water. When really you should be taking breaks to do something you find rewarding. For example; spend 40 minutes learning trigonometry and 10 minutes watching YouTube videos, the idea is to bring an element of relaxation and casualty to studying. Do what works best for you!

Ask for help

Your teachers, classmates and even parents can help you if you are stuck. Don’t just rely on Google, if you don’t really understand something or don’t have enough ideas to form an essay, ask around. Your teachers have helped students throughout the years with NCEA exams so they are the best to talk to for inside information into what the actual exam could be.