Why Government Jobs Are Important And Exciting

We get it, Public Sector and Government jobs traditionally don’t come with the glitz and glam of working for a corporate business that we picture in our head. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s not true. Get that Parks and Rec image out of your brain, you’re about to see why a government career path is not only valuable, but rewarding, exciting, and inspiring. We’ll go through what makes Government and Public Sector roles so vital to our community, why they’re varied and exciting, and what different career paths are on offer for people from practically any academic background. That’s right, it’s so varied it’s for practically anyone.

Let’s start with the obvious. Government roles are important. They keep not only cities like Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch running but also the regions, Northland, Waikato, Southland to name just a couple. Whether you’re working in policy, communications, digital, or even environmental health, your role in local or central government makes a massive difference. You’re making decisions or being a voice for those in your community who need it most. Think of some government agencies we have here at NxtStep such as Oranga Tamiriki - Ministry for Children who have a fantastic policy programme where you’ll be exposed to the policymaking process. You’ll even get to experience two different placements within the organisation to really understand the ins and outs of policy.

Now, I know, you’re ready for me to get to the part about how these roles and career paths are just as exciting and inviting as a corporate role. Let’s start at the beginning question that might be running through your mind right now. Does my degree even have a place in government and public sectors? Well, YES! Let’s role back to the fact that these careers keep cities, regions, and towns moving. These organisations have various different departments and roles at different levels just like the corporate role you’ve been envisioning. Looking for a role in Accounting that makes a difference? Great look no further than Public Trust, Treasury or Audit New Zealand. What about putting your love for everything digital? Then rotate through different agencies with GovTechTalent. Want to take your software engineering skills and help keep Kiwis safe? Then the GCSB is for you! Studied humanities, social sciences, or law? FANTASTIC then the wide range of policy programmes are perfect to get your research brain to work.

But wait, aren’t all government organisations based on Wellington? Nope another big myth. While most are, especially central government organisations. Auckland has many of their own. The most obvious being Auckland Council and Auckland Transport. Auckland Transport alone, offers amazing opportunities for those in engineering, marketing, human resources and more! It’s primary mission is to keep Auckland moving, as a graduate at Auckland Transport you’ll be an active part in change, innovation as Auckland grows and develops. How incredible does that sound? Just keep an eye out right here on their NxtStep profile. If working for Auckland Council or an organisation tied to Auckland Council isn’t for you, or maybe you’re looking for something beyond big cities? Audit New Zealand offers fantastic opportunities Auckland, Wellington, and beyond. Not to mention NxtStep have not one but TWO regional sites dedicated to providing you the best resources and roles to begin your career in a flourishing but less spotlighted part of New Zealand. Because let’s face it not everyone is excited to work in a big city, and the parts we do love about cities like Auckland and Wellington are available in other parts of the country too.

Okay so what programmes are out there right now or should I look out for?


  • Check out GovTechTalent where you can help improve Government systems and use technology as a way to improve the lives of Kiwis across the country. You’ll be using your creative and innovative mindset to design and build digital solutions to create solutions in an increasingly connected world. With no need for technical skills this is great or those from a variety of degree backgrounds with a key interest in technology, design, or creative solutions-focused thinking.
  • We’ve already talked about the possibilities at Auckland Transport but here’s a quick reminder of what’s on offer. This graduate programme is also for those from a variety of backgrounds. It’s also rotational allowing you to try things out that you may never have thought of before!
  • Oranga Tamariki - Ministry for Children is where you can make a lasting impact on young Kiwis in New Zealand. As their graduate programme is a policy-focused graduate programme it’s best suited for graduates from humanities, social sciences, policy, or law, but if this is your calling it is open to all degree backgrounds! 
  • It’s your lucky day! Ministry of Education have applications currently open for their scholarship for Speech and Language students! However, later in the year they’ll also be recruiting for their policy programme! Where you’ll help shape the policy that impacts the education of young kiwis.
  • Public Trust is a crown entity which helps guide and support kiwis through a range of estate planning services, including legal, financial, investment, trusts, and estate protection. Their specialist advice has helped thousands of families and businesses look after what’s important to them and you could be a part of that!
  • Government Communications Security Bureu (GCSB) offer two streams in their graduate programme one for analysts, one for those who are more systems engineering or software engineering minded! Regardless of what stream you end up in, you’ll be part of building a safe and building a prosperous New Zealand through investigating, analysing and advising.


Now you know, there’s so many opportunities, with growth and varied experience which can kick your career off while making such a valuable contribution to your community. No matter which organisation you decide is your best fit, you’ll get to be exposed to change first hand and get to be part of making real meaningful work that impacts others. Not to mention you’ll benefit from some job security and fantastic development opportunities where you’ll continue to progress through your career while being a key part of important decisions that keep New Zealand moving, innovating, and progressing.

Written by Amber Wharepapa, Auckland