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We are a team of over 56,000 specialists across 7 continents to deliver some of the world’s most influential and transformational infrastructure projects.

Together, across our regional communities and thriving metropolitan centers, we deliver a better world.

Whether we’re delivering city-shaping infrastructure or enabling clean and stable water supply to far-flung places many of us may never visit, our work makes a difference.

On every project and for every client, our talented teams pride themselves on big ideas, positive change, and on leaving lasting legacies that build communities.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to client service and excellence in project delivery. Graduates – with their fresh thinking and passion for reimagining what’s possible – are critical to our success.

AECOM has the people, technology, and vision to create smart solutions for our clients’ challenges.

·       3,500+ team members across Australia and New Zealand
·       19 offices across Australia and New Zealand

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Our Organisation in New Zealand

Across New Zealand, we are spread across 4 offices in major cities and regional centres. In Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch, we draw on our diverse range of services to bring projects to life in the cities, communities and places that connect us, the industries that support us and the major infrastructure that moves us across New Zealand, Australia, and the world.

Our Graduate Programme

Our Growing Professional Skills graduate program is designed to help you bridge the gap between formal education and the workplace. As part of the program, we work with you to develop a plan, set your goals, and the actions required to achieve them.
Our two-year program is designed to set you up for success. We not only provide technical training and access to experts in the industry but training in soft skills in line with our focus on effective communication, Client Service and building agility and resilience.

There are many opportunities for gaining exposure or experience on different projects, in different locations, and with different teams. We are seeking graduates who want to try new things and expand their skills and knowledge.

AECOM Graduate Programme

Anna Callinicos
Graduate Environmental Scientist, Hamilton, NZ
University Attended: University of Canterbury
Degree qualification: Bachelor of Science (Chemistry and Geology) with a Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Science
Year of graduation: 2018
6:15 a.m. 
AECOM Graduate Picture 1
Time to wake up, a little earlier than my usual, but I am heading to the Coromandel
Peninsula to do some field work out there, so I have to get on the road early. I have a quick shower and change into my field gear, which is so much easier (and quicker) than deciding what to wear to the office! 

7:00 a.m.
I get a text from my workmate, she’s outside to pick me up. I jump in the car and we’re on the road! I spend the time in the car catching up on what’s new in the world, preparing for the day and what needs to be done at each site. The drive is about two hours to our first site, so we just listen to some music and catch up for the rest of the journey. 

9:00 a.m.
We have made it to one of our sites, we have a busy day ahead and have three sites to get to today. We quickly let the team know back in the office that we have made it safely and then get all our equipment together for work. Today we are doing groundwater, surface water and air-quality monitoring at our sites, so there is a lot of equipment involved! 

9:15 a.m.
AECOM Graduate Picture 3
We go on the hunt for our first groundwater monitoring well, which can be tricky sometimes when we’ve never been to the site (we once had to hire a metal detector to locate one). Luckily, the site is not too overgrown, and we manage to find the well pretty quickly and set up to begin the sampling. We use a pump that pulls water up through the well and passes through a flow cell that holds a sonde, a piece of equipment that can tell us in real time the pH, electrical conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and redox potential of the water. These parameters can move around as the water is pumped from the well and once they have stabilised the sample is taken. It takes about 30-45 minutes to sample a well. In the meantime, we take notes on the parameters and label some jars to collect our samples in. 

10:00 a.m.
AECOM Graduate Picture 2
On to the next well and this one is harder to locate. We eventually find it in the middle of some bushes, so setting up our equipment is a little more difficult. Again, we take notes about the water quality being pulled up from the well and prepare our sample jars. 

11:00 a.m.
On to our third and final well for the day. This one is straightforward, and we manage to locate it, set up and sample it in 45 minutes — record time! This site has previously leached contaminants into the groundwater, so we are monitoring the groundwater to see whether the contaminant concentrations are decreasing. We will send these samples to a laboratory to be analysed and then write up a report for the client about the findings. 

11:45 a.m.
AECOM Graduate Picture 4
We leave site and head towards our next site, which is up the peninsula a few bays around, and it’s about a 45-minute drive. On the way, we stop and have our lunch at a scenic lookout, which is quite possibly the prettiest place I have ever had lunch at!! 

12:30 p.m.
We arrive at the next site and update our team in the office on our movements. We are taking two surface-water samples at this location, one upstream and one downstream of the site so we can assess whether it is having any environmental impacts on the stream. Sample collection is relatively quick and easy for surface water — we use a long, extendable stick called a mighty gripper, so we don’t have to get too close to the water.

1:15 p.m.
On to the next site. We jump in the car and head to the next one to do some air quality monitoring and more surface-water sampling. 

1:30 p.m.
AECOM Graduate Picture 5
We arrive on site and are straight into it! We quickly go grab surface water samples from a stream and then get started with the air-quality monitoring. We use three different machines to measure different gases. We are monitoring methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen sulphide and volatiles. 

3:00 p.m.
Home time! We leave site after a big day and head back to the office. It is typical for my job to have slightly longer days when site work is required, but AECOM is really good with flexibility and work-life balance, so I can bank my extra hours as ‘flex-time’. Flex-time enables you to build up extra hours and then when you reach eight you can use that to take a day off in the next month. Being out in the field, I have been able to use the programme and have had an extra day off every month I’ve worked here! 

5:00 p.m.
AECOM Graduate Picture 6
We make it home after a long day and just in time for pizza Friday!! We have some pizza, drinks and play some table tennis after a busy day and week! 

How to Apply

Due to the complex multidisciplinary projects AECOM is involved with we take on Graduates & interns from a variety of different lines of study. Some of those areas include but are not limited to:
·       Civil Engineering
·       Electrical Engineering
·       Environmental Engineering
·       Geotechnical Engineering
·       Mechanical Engineering
·       Structural Engineering
·       Chemical, Materials & Process Engineering
·       Environmental Science
·       Urban/transport/Environmental Planning
·       Project & Cost Management
·       Finance/Economics
·       Communications & Arts
·       Urban Design
·       Applied Mathematics
Each year our graduate recruitment applications are open from mid-February to mid-March for the following year's intake, with our undergraduate applications opening mid-July through to Mid-August for the upcoming summer.
What you can expect from our application process:
1.        An initial application review
2.        Online strengths-based assessment
3.        One way video interview
4.        Assessment center/face to face or virtual interview
5.        Offer

Undergraduate Programme

AECOM’s Undergraduate Program will allow you to gain hands-on experience working in your field of study. An undergraduate placement is a perfect way to get a taste of what your future could look like after university.

At AECOM, we are excited to welcome you, challenge you and watch you grow during your undergraduate placement with us.
We are seeking applicants from a wide range of disciplines in various locations across New Zealand.

We hire undergraduates from a variety of different disciplines, including (but not limited to);
·       Civil Engineering
·       Electrical Engineering
·       Environmental Engineering
·       Geotechnical Engineering
·       Mechanical Engineering
·       Structural Engineering
·       Chemical, Materials & Process Engineering
·       Environmental Science
·       Urban/transport/Environmental Planning
·       Project & Cost Management
·       Finance/Economics
·       Communications & Arts
·       Urban Design
·       Applied Mathematics

Over approximately 12 weeks you will have the chance to work alongside industry leaders on iconic projects that help shape and connect our cities and communities. An undergraduate position at AECOM will give you a unique opportunity to learn about our industry and business as well as build connections with our employees.
Applications open between July and August.

For more information about AECOM’s Australia and New Zealand Programs, Click here