About Apprento

Our business is about you - the career seeker or employer, however it had to start somewhere.  Two guys aligned on one goal - lift global B2B sales capability and create pathways into professional sales careers, starting here in New Zealand! 
Alex and Scott are experienced sales people, leaders, trainers and business owners.  They’ve worked with and for some of the biggest globals and the smallest locals.  One knows a bit more about recruitment and the other one a bit more about training.  

Together it’s a great mix!  New Zealand’s first Sales Acceleration Platform with a mission to grow the capability and professionalism of B2B salespeople globally and in doing so help you grow!

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About You

If you’re wondering about your career and have ‘fire in your belly’!

You finished uni in the last couple / few years and are still wondering what to do (it’s ok we’ve been there!).  You know you’ve got ambition, like solving problems and interacting with people.

You’re in your final year at uni and are wondering what you might do when you finish – due to Covid, the OE is on hold so diving into your career seems like a good option?!


You didn’t go to uni…but have some work experience (could be anything!) but are thinking you want to kick-start your career and you’re ambitious...

Why a career in sales or dealing with customers?

We work with the best employers to build a high quality sales ‘apprenticeship’ for you. We want you to realise your full potential and this should only be the first step in a successful career. But why sales?
Though often overlooked there are 3 key reasons why you should consider a career in sales:

1 - Future career prospects & job security 
being on the revenue generating side of a business is typically the safest and if you perform you can quickly advance in an organisation. Sales is the fastest pathway to a CEO role!

2 - High income potential 
There are very few careers that offer the income potential that sales careers offer, in fact, many have unlimited potential. In sales, you reap what you sow; in other words, your income is based on your effort and performance!

3 - Master skills that will help you no matter where you go 
In sales you’ll develop and master skills you can use to thrive in any area of your professional life; skills that are transferable and applicable to any role you may take on in the future!

How Does Apprento Work?

1 - Create your digital profile
Apprento’s platform allows you to create a unique digital profile, including a quick video of you explaining why you’d make a great apprentice and some brief personal info!

2 - Get in-depth preparation
Our talent team will take you through a series of exercises designed to tease out your potential. You’ll meet with other young people going through the exact same journey, and we’ll make sure you feel prepared before you ever walk into an interview!

3 - Start building your career
Next step is the interview...once you’ve nailed it, your career starts! You’ll get monthly coaching with the other Apprentices for your first year of employment, get access to our online learning platform and start developing the sales skills for success!

Developing talent: From rough diamonds to daring deals!

‘Sales isn’t a dirty word!’
‘Sales’ at its core is matching people with problems to solutions. ‘Sales’ is about guiding the buyer through their purchasing journey, adding value and then retaining that customer long term. Ultimately, sales are the lifeblood of all businesses.
Through the Apprento Rev-UP programme you will get leading training, cutting edge approaches, peer to peer support and networking to ensure you are successful and supported in your role!
Our curriculum to ensure you succeed in your career is split into over 30 self paced, bite sized modules to enable fast learning and a resource you can refer back to. 

1. Online self paced learning
  • Soft skills which underpin all methodologies such as:
  • Sales mindset for success
  • How to ask questions
  • Handling objections
  • How to present 

2. Live cohort based workshops:
  • Cohorts of 4-6 learners
  • Practice in a safe environment
  • Get feedback from your peers
  • Ask questions

3. Community & Lifelong learning
  • Podcasts 
  • Recommended Books
  • Learning content
  • Experts 
  • Connect with other salespeople