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At Audit New Zealand, your unique talents will help to create a high performing public sector that New Zealanders can trust. In 2022, this is more important than ever.

Intern and Graduate roles

So, we have fantastic opportunities for Interns and Graduates to gain behind-the-scenes insights into some of the country’s most important organisations.

You’ll have all the tools you need to start your career on the right foot. Every day, you’ll learn something new in a supportive team.

You could be based in any one of our seven offices around the country, working with a range of clients that provide critical services. These can include high-profile infrastructure projects or support for vulnerable families.

This variety of clients allows you to take your first steps on an exciting career path that opens a diverse range of opportunities.

What we provide

We’ll invest in you from day one through:

  • outstanding in-house training that sets us apart from other audit providers. You’ll learn everything from methodology to ways of working as a team;
  • paid fees and study leave towards your Chartered Accountants qualification;
  • a buddy, a mentor, and a manager to help make sense of auditing life;
  • time off in lieu (TOIL) for work-life balance; and
  • a wide range of networks and events that encourage each one of us to feel comfortable being ourselves at work.

We’re a diverse, multicultural team, based in seven offices around the country. We look after each other and are driven to make a difference.

Create a better future for yourself, your clients, and all New Zealanders.

Sound like you? Apply now!

  • Our Summer Internship Programme here is for student in their second-to-last year of study.
  • Our Graduate Programme here is for students in their final year.

Applications close 7.00pm Saturday 26 March

Audit New Zealand Overview

We hire students studying


Available Positions

Our Graduate Programme

You could be considering the value of military assets for the New Zealand Defence Force one week and be reviewing the management controls of a hospital the next. At Audit New Zealand, you’ll work on a wide range of public organisations throughout the country.

To apply for our 2023 Graduate Programme, you need to:
  • be due to finish your degree by early March 2023; and
  • meet the academic requirements of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand to enter the Chartered Accountants College.

Find out more about our Graduate Programme here.
For more details about the Chartered Accountants Program, click here.

Our Graduates will begin as Assistant Auditors in February 2023, after they finish their degrees.

Your first week on the job is Induction Week, where you get a chance to meet others in your year group. They’ll be a great source of support as you study and work together towards qualifying as Chartered Accountants.

Throughout the Graduate Programme we will:
  • help you qualify as a Chartered Accountant by paying CA fees and providing paid study leave;
  • set time aside for in-house training in everything from methodology to ways of working as a team (in person and remotely);
  • pair you with a buddy, a mentor, and a manager to support you at work; and
  • provide a wide range of networks and events that encourage each one of us to feel comfortable being ourselves at work.

Graduate Stories

Hear from some of our most recent Graduates about their experiences at Audit New Zealand here.

Sound like you? Apply Now!

To find out more about our application process, and apply now, see here.

Audit New Zealand Grad Programme

Our Internship Programme

This is your opportunity to gain behind-the-scenes insights into some of the country’s most important organisations.

The programme gives you a taste of what it’s like to work for Audit New Zealand, and you’ll gain invaluable on-the-job experience over your summer holidays. You won’t be stuck making the coffee!

You will:
  • work on a variety of clients and projects;
  • spend a week working at the Office of the Auditor-General;
  • get a four-week break over the Christmas and New Year holiday period; and
  • give a presentation to our Executive Leadership Team at the end of your internship.

This is your fast track to being offered a Graduate role with us the following year, or when you finish your studies.

To apply for our Internship Programme, all you need is:
  • to be in your second-to-last year of study;
  • have Accounting as one of your majors;
  • be passionate about the Public Sector and improving the lives of New Zealander’s.

Fast-track to a Graduate role

Half of the places in our Graduate Programme are filled by Interns from the previous year. This is your opportunity to get a step ahead and lock in a Graduate role before your final year of study.

You’ll then go back to university to complete your studies and start working for us as an Assistant Auditor in our Graduate Programme the following February.

Intern Stories

Hear from some of our most recent Interns about their experiences at Audit New Zealand here.

Sound like you? Apply Now!

To find out more about our application process, and take the first step in your auditing career, see here.

Audit New Zealand Intern Programme

Our Application Process

Applications for our 2023 Graduate Programme and 2022/23 Summer Internship Programme are now open.

Applications close at 7pm on Saturday 26 March 2022.

Our recruitment process follows the steps below.

  1. Complete the online application form
    • You’ll need an updated copy of your CV.
    • Make sure your name is part of the filename of any documents you attach.
    • Applications close at 7pm on Saturday 26 March.

  2. Complete an online assessment
    • You’ll receive a link from us within 48 hours of submitting your application, this should only take 40 minutes.
    • This will assess your cognitive (deductive, numerical, inductive) skills and behavioural preferences.
    • This must be completed by 11pm on Monday 28 March.

  3. Record a short video introduction
    • You’ll receive a link from us within 48 hours of submitting your application.
    • There will be four short questions to answer.
    • This must be completed by 11pm on Monday 28 March.

  4. Phone call from our Audit New Zealand recruitment team
    • If you’re short-listed for a Graduate role, you’ll get a phone call from us.
    • We’ll ask you some general questions (nothing scary).

  5. In-person interview day
    • After your phone interview, you will be invited to an interview day in early-mid April, to complete an interview and written case study.
    • This may done be in person or via video, depending on Covid-19 recommendations.

  6. Offer
  7. In late April, we’ll send out offers for our Intern and Graduate positions to successful applicants.

Diversity and Inclusion at Audit New Zealand

Diversity and inclusion are key to the way we work at Audit New Zealand.

We have a wide range of networks and groups to support our people and their whānau:
  • Pasifika Network;
  • Waiata Group and Kaupapa Māori resources;
  • Rainbow Network; and
  • Women’s Network.

Our He Tāngata group supports the use and learning of te reo Māori all year round, including celebrations and free classes during Te Wiki o te Reo Māori.

The Group also encourages teams to investigate Pasifika languages and language weeks. It supports involvement in New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL); all staff have access to free classes and guides during NZSL Week.

Our Rainbow Network coordinates with others in our organisation to promote programmes and resources that support our Rainbow Community. The Women’s Network has been established with the goal of supporting all those in our organisation who identify as women. It’s important to us that people feel able to be themselves at work.

Auditing is all about trust and collaboration. Each year, we make a significant contribution to the international auditing community. This includes taking part in capacity-building and development activities, attending and contributing to major events, sharing our expertise, hosting international visitors and delegations.

International Women’s Day PanelPink Shirt Day

Wellbeing at Audit New Zealand

Our comprehensive Wellbeing and Resilience Plan is designed to support everyone who works for us, whatever their role, location, or background.

Four Cornerstones of Wellbeing

Our He Tāngata Group is key to this, holding monthly promotions built around Te Whare Tapa Whā, the four cornerstones of health:
  • Taha tinaha (physical health)
  • Taha wairua (spiritual health)
  • Taha whānau (family health)
  • Taha hinengaro (mental health)

Staying Well

We live and work in challenging times. Trying to juggle remote working, lockdowns, caring for our nearest and dearest, technology challenges, video meetings, and more! This is why our Wellbeing and Resilience Plan includes free, confidential access to the Ignite online platform.

Ignite offers a curated collection of experts in areas ranging from nutrition to life coaching, career strategy to counselling (in-person or virtual appointments, videos, and guides). Counselling is also available through the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

Other health benefits and subsidies

He Tāngata is made up of representatives from each of our seven offices, who talk to their colleagues about what they need most. The group is also lined up with the priorities of our People and Capabilities team, and can therefore keep everyone up to date about health benefits available at work.

These include subsidised eye care and mole mapping, free flu vaccinations, and paid time to spend on Covid-19 related matters such as vaccinations or tests.

Graduate and Intern Stories

Evan Chang – Intermediate Auditor
Evan Chang joined the Audit New Zealand Graduate Programme in 2021. He’s now an Intermediate Auditor.

Kirsty Voong – Assistant Auditor
Kirsty Voong was an Intern at Audit New Zealand in 2021/22, and was offered a Graduate role for 2022. Hear what she has to say about her experience with us.

Maraea Craig – Intermediate Auditor
Maraea Craig joined our Graduate Programme in 2021. Now an Intermediate Auditor, she talks about the support that Audit New Zealand provides to our Graduates, so they can balance work and study.

Samuel Patterson – Assistant Auditor (recent Intern)
Samuel Patterson was an Intern at Audit New Zealand in 2021/22, and has now joined us as a Graduate in 2022.

A note from our Executive Director

Stephen Walker

Each year, I have the privilege of meeting our new Interns and Graduates, just as they’re beginning their auditing careers.

Choosing where to start your professional life is an important decision. We are one of the largest employers of aspiring Chartered Accountants, supporting you at every step as you work across our seven offices throughout the country.

Everyone at Audit New Zealand understands the importance of supporting their colleagues to reach their full potential. Our status as a Recognised Training Employer with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand means we will help you progress from a high-calibre Graduate into a well-rounded professional.

We employ more than 290 people at different stages of their careers, each making an important contribution to our role as the independent public sector auditor. Together, we work behind the scenes at hundreds of entities on the Auditor-General’s behalf. Our audit opinions help to reassure people that they can trust the way public organisations use and manage their money.

In the following pages, some of our people talk about why this a great place to work. I began my own career at Audit New Zealand, and remember what it was like to arrive on my first day. In the following years, I received training and experience that led me to exciting opportunities. These include roles as the Director of Operations for the International Federation of Accountants in New York, and the President of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

Here, we’re providing our people with great jobs and working towards a better future for all New Zealanders. I look forward to welcoming you to our team.

Audit NZ Stephen Walker
Stephen Walker
Executive Director