Why Datacom?

For years, we’ve helped hundreds of grads develop meaningful careers and thrive in the technology industry. Now, it's your turn to begin your successful journey.

Across Aotearoa and Australia, we support organisations of all sizes, from small business startups to government agencies. We can offer you a variety of opportunities across our locations. You may be part of a project to create new and sustainable solutions for communities, help to protect companies from the latest cybersecurity threats, or taking part in creative and innovative workshops with our customers.

Whatever your interests, talk to us and we’ll match you to one of our exciting roles.

IT is all about you.

If you’re passionate about using technology to inspire communities and customers to be better connected than ever before, we want to hear from you.
A Datacom graduate working at her computer

We’re looking for:
  • Self-starters who are motivated to kick-start their careers in technology
  • Team players who have excellent interpersonal skills (you’ll be working with people just as much as computers)
  • Customer-centric superstars — we pride ourselves on delivering our best work to our customers
  • Awesome problem-solvers who have fresh ideas and are willing to give anything a go.
  • You don't even need a degree in IT to apply for our graduate programme. You just need passion and enthusiasm.

In return, we'll help you develop your talents, learn new skills, and give you the chance to collaborate with some of our pioneering leaders. Get hands-on experience from day one.

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Datacom's Reach?

Datacom operates across five countries in 13 locations and we acknowledge the communities within which we operate are diverse in culture and needs. Datacom is committed to making meaningful contributions to those communities through donations, in-kind or voluntary participation.

Datacom supports programmes that promote:

  • Development of youth
  • Education
  • Environmental or sustainability
  • Health
  • Independence for disabled/elderly
  • Relief of poverty
  • Safer communities
A Datacom graduate working at her computer

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Our people

Sam Kenny

I chose to apply for the Datacom graduate programme because Datacom seemed to do a bit of everything in the IT field. I thought if I got the job I’d have the opportunity to get some real-world experience in a position relevant to my degree and at the same time, look around at a bunch of different possible career paths.

After starting at Datacom I couldn’t be happier. All my original expectations were met and exceeded. I’ve gained experience working in several exciting fields already and I’ve only been here for four months! I’m currently working on a project that will be used to demonstrate some of our services to potential customers.

That’s one of my favorite things about working here, everyone takes you seriously and your work as a grad is considered just as important and useful as anyone else’s. I don’t think I could have picked a better place to get such a huge head-start in my career in IT.

Aaron Small

While looking for a job as a grad, sometimes you can’t afford to be picky. However, there were a few criteria which Datacom ticked for me while looking for work:

Datacom is a good size

  • Datacom is big enough to offer the support and training that I feel I needed as a fresh-out-of-uni grad.
  • Big enough to give me job security and room to move around the organization if necessary. Not too much of a giant organization so that I’d feel insignificant in comparison.
In short, the people here are awesome. In six months I’ve worked with junior developers, tech leads, business unit managers, a client and even a director, all of whom have been interesting, intelligent, passionate people who have all been a pleasure to work with.

The projects I’ve been on have also made my time here enjoyable, we always use modern technologies to create technically sound IT solutions for any need. Another fun enjoyable aspect is the extra-curricular activities available like a fundraiser run I took part in. We raised more than five thousand dollars for a good charity and it also helped me meet people outside of my department.

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Why start your career here?

You’re treated like a professional and provided the freedom to unlock your own potential while the support is there when you need it. You are introduced to the commercial world we operate in through a safe, comfortable environment yet not in a way that stifles the challenges of coming to grip with a brand new way of working.

Datacom is a company that places a high value in its people. Our people (right to the very top) are approachable and always willing to share their wealth of knowledge to help you. Datacom is a great place to work and our low staff turnover proves it. Our people more often move up than move on.

The career opportunities are endless for graduates and your success is only limited by your confidence, abilities, and motivation. Datacom also has a rich and varied, if not eclectic range of activities you can ‘fill your boot’s’ with. From internal dev competitions to competitive sports teams, quiz nights to raise money for charity and a large proportion of graduates joining each year, you’ll find something to keep you interested!

We recruit graduates throughout the year

What are we looking for?

We place a high value on graduates with enthusiasm, creativity, self-motivation, passion and a willingness to learn. Outstanding communication and people skills will get you a long way also! The experience will follow.

If you are interested in learning more about why Datacom is such a great place to work, please apply online with a short letter of introduction along with your resume and current academic transcript. We will not process your application without these 3 things. In your email let us know when you are available to start work, what city you are seeking work in and (if you know) what role you are most interested in.

Our website will provide you with further insight as to why we believe more graduates join Datacom than any other New Zealand company.

A Datacom graduate working at her computer

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