Who is Fusion5?  

In a nutshell, we’re a team of business and technology experts, who specialise in helping organisations acquire and use the right solutions to enable them to thrive.  
Think of every program, application, and computer-assisted action you take at work. Fusion5 listens to the frustrations people experience trying to do their jobs or make their business successful, then helps find right-sized, fit-for-purpose solutions that reduce those frustrations, improve business efficiency, grow profitability through efficiency and accuracy, increase employee engagement, and delight customers – creating competitive advantage!
More specifically, we offer a full range of digital transformation solutions, applications, consulting services, development, cloud and managed services, as well as first class support services for our customers across New Zealand and Australia. Our expertise covers all key functional areas, including Enterprise Resource Planning, HR and Payroll, Customer Experience, Customer Relationship Management, IT Service Management, and Infrastructure.
Our strategy and implementation teams work with our customers to improve the way they do business and a critical success factor is ensuring high levels of user adoption when implementing change of systems or business process.

We hire students studying

Business and Commerce
Information Technology

Available Positions

What’s in it for you?

The world of IT, and in particular, digital business solutions, grows, innovates, and evolves daily. By joining the Fusion5 Graduate Programme, you will:
  • Develop highly sought-after skills in Project Management, Business Analysis, Solution Architecture, Application & Solution Development
  • Work with skilled experts who will mentor and train you to be a customer success delivery guru
  • Be involved with a diverse range of interesting projects, using a range of leading technologies
  • Receive specialist training via our in-house Fusion5 Academy which will give you real-world business skills and experience, as well as formally recognised technology certifications
  • Gain valuable insights via one-to-one mentoring and support from senior staff
  • Experience working in a leading business solutions company with offices and customers spanning the length and breadth of both New Zealand and Australia
  • Have the opportunity to participate in social events run by Fusion5 for the enjoyment of all staff
  • Benefit from being part of team that is famous for not only having a great culture, but also a stellar reputation for delivering genuinely business-value-adding solutions to our customers

What to expect when you join Fusion5 

Fusion5 is a high-performance, business solutions partner, delivering a diverse range of technology solutions, services, consultancy, and support to organisations across New Zealand and Australia.  The vibe at Fusion5 is fast-paced, with a sense of ‘no two days are ever the same’! You’ll be challenged and exposed to all aspects of the business, but not thrown in the deep end.  Fusion5’s motto is #makingpotentialreality so we take the job of nurturing graduates into success seriously.
So, what are we really like?
We’re a supportive and sociable crowd. Our values and culture are based on passion, integrity, commitment, teamwork, and success. 
You will be part of a friendly and well-supported environment which makes for a great place to work! We work hard, love to have a laugh, and strive always to take ourselves, our vendors, and our customers on a #GoodToGreat journey every day.
Want to know more about what we do?
We have a lot of delighted customers! What better way to understand the value that Fusion5 brings than to hear what they have to say? Read about a range of Fusion5 projects in our Case Studies.
Or, if you’d like to know what we’ve been up to that’s newsworthy (like winning awards, buying businesses, becoming ISO 27001 Certified and more!) head on over to our News Page.

How do I apply?

We have 500+ people in nine cities across Australia and New Zealand. And now, we’re looking for a select few, high-caliber graduates to join us as part of our Graduate Program.
We’re seeking a smart, enthusiastic graduates who are keen to embark on a career in business application consulting. You’ll receive mentorship and training for an immediate hands-on role. This is an opportunity to develop highly sought-after skills.
No two days at Fusion5 are ever the same. The role is challenging and varied and allows you to work closely with a wide range of customers across a variety of industries and our friendly, open, and well-supported environment make it a great place to work!
What you need:
  • A degree in Commerce & Business, Information Technology or Computer Science
  • Have some experience with systems and processes
  • Be energetic and enthusiastic, and actively seeking a career in consulting
  • Hunger for knowledge with a great attitude
  • A strong professional service focus
If this sounds like the opportunity that you have been waiting for and you would like to become a Fusion5er, we would love to hear from you! 
#makingpotentialreality isn't just a hashtag - it's our mantra!
What happens next with my application?
  • Apply

  • If your application has been successful you will be invited to a “Meet & Greet” session in our office where you will find out more about Fusion5, be able to talk to some of our people and get the “low down” on Fusion5.  As part of our “Meet & Greet” session you will also have two 15 minute quick “chats” with some of our team to determine what you are interested in and where your aspirations might align to the graduate roles we have at Fusion5,

  • After our “Meet & Greet” session we will then invite some graduates back for a more formal interview - this interview will be with the team that we see you most aligned too in terms of your aspirations and Fusion5,

  • Formal offers will be sent out around mid-September for starting in Feb/March 2022 (we may also have some roles that might start earlier than this).

Fusion5 Graduate Programme Testimonials 

Our former Graduate Programme participants are thriving at Fusion5! Hear (from the “horse’s mouth” so to speak!) what their experiences have been like.

Matt Snelgar - Auckland 
Since joining the NetSuite team as a Graduate at the start of 2020, I have been constantly challenged and have not stopped learning. I have worked with customers from a variety of industries such as Finance, Oil, Forestry, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), and more, helping them implement NetSuite as their chosen ERP system.
My favourite part of my role is being able to see the benefits that a new system such as NetSuite can have on a business and the people within. The impact a system can have on people’s everyday life within their roles and the positive impact we can have is the most rewarding part of my role.
I recently travelled to Hastings for a customer project where we got to meet the business team and were shown around their warehouse and given an insight into how their business works. Being able to work with businesses from a variety of industries exposes you to learn their unique business processes and this variety is something I really enjoy about my role at Fusion5.

Alex Hamer - Auckland 
I joined Fusion5 as part of their graduate intake for 2020 and am so glad that I am part of a proactive and supportive company, especially given the events of 2020 - with a global pandemic hitting.
My team, implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, provided a thorough introduction to the IT industry and everything ERP; and I was working on customer projects from the get-go. Finance and Operations is an exciting space to be in, with each project providing new challenges and opportunities to learn.
The graduate program is a good way to come into the business, with a sense of comradery between the graduates in the different pillars of the company.
Fusion5 has a strong focus on employee development, so even beyond the graduate programme I know I will be supported in setting and achieving my career goals.

Tim Foong - Auckland 
I joined Fusion5 in the NetSuite team as part of their graduate intake in 2020. Working at Fusion5 has been a very rewarding experience for me – I get to work on projects with customers from many different industries which keeps things fresh and exciting. This is true internally as well as I get to work with people across different pillars. This collaborative culture has been very beneficial for learning and exposure.
My manager and team are supportive of my learning and development and are always willing to take time to help me with developing both my soft skills and hard skills. Being surrounded by the best in the industry definitely has its perks, and I’m glad I chose to start my career here at Fusion5.

Oliver Gasparich - Auckland 
I was in the graduate program for 2020 and joined the Power BI team, although I didn’t start until September of 2019. Despite starting much later than everyone else and going through much of the induction process alone, I always found that I had the support and resources I needed to kickstart my experience at Fusion5. Everyone was very welcoming, and I was constantly gaining new knowledge and being presented with new opportunities to grow.
My team is excellent, and I find I can always go to one of them if I get stuck or confused and they will help as best they can or point me in the right direction. In general, the folk here at Fusion5 are all very engaging people and there is always something fresh and interesting to talk about at the lunch table.
As part of working at Fusion5, I get to work on a variety of different sorts of projects, picking up new skills and often getting to visit customer sites, which has given me a greater understanding of the different ways companies can operate. As a result, I find I have a much more open mind when interfacing with customers and trying to understand what they need, and helping guide them to the right solution.

Joseph Steuart-Muirhead - Wellington 
I started my journey here at Fusion5 as a baby-faced grad way back in 2016 as a Consultant in the JD Edwards space. Five years on in 2021 I have grown a full beard and have progressed to be a Senior SDM (Service Delivery Manager) in the NetSuite pillar.
The roles of a consultant and SDM are very different and upon me raising in 2018 that I’d like to give SDM’ing a go. Fusion5 management were extremely accommodating in allowing me to do what I wanted to do. I was met with support, encouragement and a path of progression which has led to me developing a strong skillset in my chosen role and has left me feeling extremely lucky with how my career has gone so far.
The Fusion5 team are a lovely bunch as well with a lot of people coming from all around the world resulting in a very diverse and awesome workforce who are up for a laugh in and out of work. I have made some great friends here at Fusion5 which for me personally really is the cherry on top.

Jared Simpson - Wellington 
I have enjoyed my time at Fusion5 and join as part of the 2016 graduate intake. Everyone is very welcoming and are keen to lend a hand where possible. During my Graduate year I was thrown in the deep end multiple times, however, the team around me were always there to provide support
I started working in the Project Managers Office (PMO) as Project Administration. This role helped me understand how Fusion5 runs, interact with a range one people across the business, while being introduced into the Project Management role.
By the end of my Graduate year, I was managing small projects for the ApprovalPlus product before Project Managing all ApprovalPlus projects for the next 18 months before Fusion5 allowing me to move to HCM and manage larger payroll projects, where I have been for the past 8 months.
I have also been a regular in the Fusion5 indoor Netball team and at Friday night drinks

Chris Thompson - Auckland 
The graduate induction program really helped make me feel comfortable by having a gradual introduction to the company and the great people within it. The induction brought all the graduates together to become passionate about what the company is and the various products and services Fusion5 sells. This was a great way to slowly integrate us into the office. The week was topped off with our Kick-Off – Fusion5’s yearly Conference. This event showed me the successes of the company and the people across New Zealand and Australia working for Fusion5 and left me inspired to make an impact in my first year. Since the induction, my growth has not stopped. Being put into projects early on and getting my feet off the ground made me get a feel for the awesome job which is consulting!
The company has done a great job of helping nurture my journey through the program and beyond – I am now into my 4th year with the company as part of the CRM Dynamics team! As a graduate there is nothing stopping you from being engaged in new things, learning and being given responsibilities. At Fusion5 the workplace is engaging, the team culture is great, and the perks and flexibility are a delightful bonus.
Fusion5 continues to thrive in the market and is a leader in several industries. If you want to work for a company where you are not just another cog in the machine and can make a real impact this is the place you want to be.

Making People Proud

Being a business people like to work with, and are proud to work for, is important to us.
This means 'it's not all about commerce'. Fusion5 likes to give back.
#makingpotentialreality is not just for our customers and our people, it's about providing support that makes a difference.
Since 2017, Fusion5 has replaced traditional Christmas cards and gifts, with our 'Donate to Charity' campaign, where we give all our customers the opportunity to help us gift $10k to charity across Australia and New Zealand.
The Rhino Revolution initiative has also benefitted from Fusion5 (and our staff's) support, and as part of our employee benefits package, we offer staff a day off to volunteer for something they're passionate about. 
We're also sponsoring two young athletes, Erika Fairweather and Lewis Clareburt (Swimming) in their bid for medals at the 2021 Olympics. Lewis is now within the Top 10 in the world, and both he and Erika are on track to achieve their Olympic goals in 2021. We are so proud to be a part of their exciting journey. 


We know that feeling valued goes beyond what you get paid. At Fusion5 we offer a range of employee benefits to make life just that little bit better for you, and those who are important to you.