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Growing the next generation of energy leaders is hugely important to us. We’re New Zealand’s largest energy retailer, with opportunities for proactive, innovative and hard-working individuals to join our team.
At Genesis, we’re focussed on empowering New Zealand’s sustainable future, and to do that we need tomorrow’s thinkers with us today. We want self-starters who enjoy problem-solving, adaptable and agile team players with a strong desire to learn.
Throughout the year, we’ll release various graduate and internship opportunities with either November or February starts. For the upcoming year, we have placements in the following areas:

Finance graduates

If you are graduating in 2021, we have two positions open for applications, based in either Auckland or Hamilton. Watch the video from our Chief Financial Officer, Chris Jewell, to gain a bit of insight into the work his team does and the opportunities available.
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Hear from some of our current and past graduates below:

Samantha | Graduate Energy Analyst

When first looking for work after finishing studying Applied Mathematics and Forensic Science, it was important to me that I stepped into a role where my learning and growth would advance. I was searching for a challenge, and the opportunity to become part of a team where our work would be meaningful. Genesis' ever-evolving place in the energy sector offered a unique one.
Genesis take on a tailored approach to nurturing their graduates, which has been such a highlight to my time here so far. Working as a Graduate Energy Analyst, I’ve been doing analytics in both the Retail and Wholesale sides of the business. I've been given opportunity to develop in fast-paced environments, and also in the areas I’m genuinely interested and passionate about.
Starting my career at Genesis has exposed me to all kinds of skillsets, pathways, and people. One of the most significant lessons I’ve learnt in working among such diversity is that there’s nothing not worth exploring. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone, ask questions, and take in every bit of knowledge and experience that you can from your colleagues. Ultimately, that’s what’s helped me start to direct my own future.

Chelsea | Graduate Analyst - Finance and Risk

As I was a part of the TupuToa programme, I was placed at Genesis for my three month summer internship. Within these three months I learnt about the electricity and carbon market, got to know the people behind the Genesis brand and began to see that our people truly care about empowering New Zealand’s sustainable future.
It was hard to leave Genesis after my internship. One month after my internship ended, I received a call asking if I wanted to continue being a Derivatives Analyst. Going back allowed me to also gain experience as a Commercial and Industrial (C&I) intern and Middle Office Intern, all within one year.
I heard that there were graduate roles in the works and applied for the Genesis graduate role as soon as it was advertised. I was offered a role as a ‘Graduate Analyst – Finance and Risk’. I haven’t looked back since!

Daniel | Energy Analyst

I knew nothing about New Zealand’s electricity sector when I applied for Genesis. It was the energy I got from the people that drew me in. They were all part of a culture where workplace safety was a priority, people encouraged others to grow and succeed, and where everyone’s contribution was valued.
I had the opportunity to work with a range of different stakeholders, each with varying levels of seniority. That exposed me to different areas and has helped me understand the significance of each segment within the business. Throughout my journey, I felt like a valued team member and have seen the work I do create a meaningful impact.
I’m excited to be part of Genesis as they, and New Zealand, steer towards a more sustainable future. Over the next few years, I’m eager to see the impact our work has on key business decisions and how that ultimately affects the electricity sector. I would strongly encourage anyone else interested in empowering New Zealand’s sustainable future to become part of it too.

San | Electrical Engineer

Since I was little the power generation field has always fascinated me. It even runs in the blood as my dad is an electrical engineer too. I really enjoyed my electrical and control systems courses at uni, so when I saw Genesis advertising for a graduate electrical and control systems engineer, I knew it was the perfect opportunity.
I was put through a graduate programme which exposed me to a wide variety of work. I was also partnered with a mentor to bounce questions off. I’ve found an area I’m passionate about and Genesis has really set up a good foundation for me. The culture was so easy going and welcoming as well.
Recently I’ve been involved in our hydro control systems work, upgrading our power schemes’ backup generators and working in the asset strategy space. This involves looking at our asset philosophies and longer-term planning. Believe me when I say no two days are the same. Hands down one of the best places to start your career.

Sustainability at Genesis

Taking action for the good of Kiwi families and businesses

Sustainability has never mattered more. We’re committed to stepping up and caring for the environment, our team, customers and the communities in which we operate. For us, it’s about meeting the current needs of NZ while not compromising future generations. We’re making progress... but know there's more to do.
We’ve committed to reduce our environmental impact through Science Based Targets and aligned our initiatives with five Sustainability Development Goals. Hear from Courtney Simpson, our Group Manager of Sustainability, why we chose to work with the Science Based Targets initiative.

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KiwiSaver 4% contributions

Genesis support employees with a 4% KiwiSaver Company contribution or 3% Gensaver if you aren't eligible for KiwiSaver.

$100 Wellbeing Voucher

Genesis provides employees with $100 wellbeing voucher - and you chooses how to spend it. New Running Trainers? Mole Map? Gym membership?

Personal Support

Genesis people can access free, independent and professional counselling to help when life throws curveballs at us.

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