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Joining the grad program at Xero means taking the first step into a fulfilling career. With support and on-hand career development, you’ll learn everything you need on the job.

What we do

Small business runs the world. They make up 90% of all businesses in the OECD and contribute trillions to our economy. And we don’t think they should go it alone. Xero makes running a business more beautiful. Our platform gives business owners the tools they need to make running their business easy. From connecting with customers, accountants, banks, app partners and more, Xero makes doing business beautiful.

Who we are

Working at Xero means joining a community of thinkers, creators and educators working towards the same goal. As a grad, we’ll invest in you to learn on the job and help your career flourish. You’ll make lifelong connections, build a professional network, get paid to learn and find your passion.

The Xero grad program

Kickstart with career with Xero!
We know what it takes to help you do the best work of your life, and we’ll invest in you to make sure you can.

With the Xero grad program, you’ll learn on the job, take ownership of your work, and find out how your career can flourish.

You’ll get the flexibility to build your skills, the opportunity to push yourself professionally, and the support you need to bring your ideas to fruition.

The graduate program starts in February and runs for 12 months. After the program, you’re guaranteed a permanent position in line with your career aspirations.

We have three different streams of grad programs, plus internship opportunities.

Start something beautiful with the Xero grad program.


We hire students studying

Computer Science
Design & UX

Available Positions

What can I expect from the recruitment process?

Applications for our grad and intern programs open 28 February 2022 and close 20 May 2022. Our grad day will be held in early June 2022. The grad day is our version of an assessment centre, where you’ll complete a few different virtual assessments, have the chance to meet some Xero staff, and understand more about the grad program.

We take a rolling recruitment approach, so we’ll process your application as it comes in and you’ll complete all the assessments up until the video interview in your own time, leading up to the grad day in July. Applications won’t be prioritised if you apply early, however we do recommend you give yourself time to go through the various stages of the application process.

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The application process

You’ll progress through the application process in different stages.

1. Submit CV and meet eligibility criteria - 5 mins
The first thing you need to do is meet the eligibility criteria.
Our eligibility criteria for our graduate program is:
  • Full-time working rights
  • Less than 12 months professional working experience in relevant industries
  • Availability to start full-time in February 2023
You’ll also have to submit your CV but this will only be used to verify your eligibility and will not be used for screening purposes.

2. Complete a values assessment - 5–10 mins
Once you’ve met the eligibility criteria, you’ll be invited to complete a values assessment. Find out more about Xero’s values.

3. Behavioural and skills assessments - 30–90 mins
Then you’ll be asked to complete a behavioural assessment - and, if you’re applying for the design or technical program, a technical skills assessment (30–90 mins).
For technical roles, you will need to complete a HackerRank test. While it’s not all about the test results, this is a language-agnostic testing platform that helps us understand what level and range of skills you currently have.
For design roles, there will be a multiple-choice skills test to also help us understand your level of technical knowledge.

4. Record a short video interview for our team - 20–25 mins
Next, you’ll be invited to pre-record a video interview for our team.
If your video interview is successful, you’ll be invited to attend a grad day. We’ll review all applications before making a decision so you can expect to hear from us in June 2022.

5. Virtual grad day  
The grad day is a half day virtual event where you will be assessed across three different activities: one interview, one technical assessment, and a group activity. You’ll also have an opportunity to learn more about Xero and the grad program and meet some previous grads.

The Xero Graduate Program

Your first week at Xero is focused on making sure you have everything you need to start working. We’ll get you set up with the right tech, you’ll meet your team, your manager, and the grad team responsible for running the program.

COVID-19 has impacted our usual inductions as we make sure you’re safe and well at work. Auckland and Wellington will hold separate induction days in the office you’ll be working in. You’ll have a chance to meet and get to know all the other grads on the program.

Kickstart with career with Xero!
It’s important that we give you a really great start to your career, so we’ll cover all the processes in place to support your development. We focus on your technical development and your professional skills, including empowering you to set your own goals and choosing the learning opportunities available. We commit to giving continuous feedback throughout the year to make sure you know where you are in achieving your goals.

Technical grads complete four rotations consisting of three months each. You’ll work with teams across the business in your chosen field and get an opportunity to diversify your skills and meet new people. Throughout your grad year, you will have a dedicated people lead who is there for you at every step of the way to support and guide you.You’ll also have a buddy in each of your rotations to help you with your day-to-day work.

Learning and development 
When you join the grad program, we don’t expect you to know everything. The grad program is an opportunity for you to continue learning and developing. Throughout the grad year you’ll be given training to build your professional and technical skills and you’ll have access to a learning budget to use for external training and resources.

You’ll have a lot of support in the form of your buddy, your people lead, your team, and the grad team. You’ll have weekly meetings, training sessions and formal check-ins throughout the year so you’re able to grow and develop.


Diversity at Xero

Xero champions diversity and inclusion to create better outcomes for our people and our customers.

We acknowledge, respect and celebrate all the ways our staff are different and we create an inclusive culture so we can really tap into the power of our differences.

In 2018, Xero NZ was awarded the Rainbow Tick, a diversity and inclusion award that formally recognises us as a safe and inclusive workplace for the LGBTIQ+ community.

Our approach to diversity and inclusion is summed up in our key principles:
  • We value diversity because it reflects and serves our customers and ensures our people thrive.
  • We’re all accountable to create an inclusive culture.
  • We’re committed to attracting diverse talent and hiring fairly.
  • We support flexible ways of working.
  • We’re committed to equal pay for equal work.
  • We have an obligation to champion diversity and inclusion in the community.

To ensure we stay true to our values, Xero has a global diversity and inclusion team specifically responsible for leading the program. We champion diversity and inclusion in many ways, including by:
  • Creating an inclusive work environment
  • Committing to gender diversity at Xero
  • Encouraging more women to get into the tech sector
  • Using diverse channels to hire staff
  • Promoting LGBTI+ inclusion and awareness
Find out more about Xero's diversity and inclusion work.

Championing gender diversity in junior talent
In 2021, our Xero internship welcomed 56% males and 44% females. For our graduate intake, we welcomed 65.2% males, 30.8% females and 4% non-binary people. We try our best to ensure that each step of the candidate journey is inclusive in terms of language and eligibility and we’re always looking at ways to improve.

Find out more about the work Xero is doing and the initiatives we are involved with.

What is the technical grad program?

If you want to navigate your way into a career as an engineer, security specialist, data specialist or Salesforce engineer, the technical grad program is the place for you.

All technical grads complete four rotations consisting of three months each. You’ll work with teams across the business in your chosen field and get an opportunity to diversify your skills and meet new people.

The grad program offers training and development as well as specialist managers, buddies, and a grad team network to support and help you with creating a professional development plan throughout your grad year.


What roles are we recruiting for?

Graduate engineers

Graduate engineers work with front-end and back-end teams, enhancing functionality, new feature innovation, site and data reliability, architecture, and more.

Graduate security engineers and analysts

Graduate security engineers build security infrastructure, ensure correct internal access management, ensure code is built with security at its core, and build defences against external threats.
Graduate security analysts support the assessment of Xero’s security risks, help Xero pass security audits, assist in security education campaigns, monitor Xero for cyber attacks, and are involved in security incidents by defending Xero as attacks occur.

Graduate Salesforce engineers

Graduate Salesforce engineers work with different teams across the Salesforce platform. This can include technologies like APEX, Visualforce, Lightning Web Components, SOQL, Flows, Process Builder and more.

Data Graduates 

Data graduates work in the data team’s functional areas, getting hands-on experience in each area and how they work. The data and insights department is Xero’s centre of expertise for data architecture, data modelling, machine learning, ethical data usage, and artificial intelligence service design. 

What is the design grad program?

Design programs at Xero include roles in our product design and digital design teams. This year, we’re hiring for roles in product design and design research.

Joining the grad program means getting a permanent role at Xero. After completing the grad year, you’ll be promoted into the next stage of your chosen career path.

Given the specialist nature of the roles, you’ll spend the entire program with the same team working on different projects and building up your skill set to progress your career in your chosen field. 

We are only able to accept one application per candidate, so please think carefully about which role you’d like to apply for. If you’d like to chat to a Xero employee before applying, come along to one of our virtual or in-person events.


What roles are we recruiting for?

Graduate product designers

Graduate product designers work on the user experience and interaction for Xero’s product. They help design the interface architecture, workflow, and visual design of our product.

Graduate design researchers

Graduate design researchers seek to understand how people use Xero. They support the planning, research, analysis and presentation of insights on the attitudes and behaviours of current and future Xero users.

What is the business grad program?

Our business grad roles are in teams focused on supporting our customers and Xero staff. This year we’re hiring for roles in partnerships, partner consulting and IT support.

Given the specialist nature of these roles, you’ll spend the entire program in the same team working on different projects and building up your skill set to progress your career in your chosen field. 

We are only able to accept one application per candidate, so please think carefully about which role you’d like to apply for. If you’d like to chat to a Xero employee before applying, come along to one of our virtual or in-person events.


What roles are we recruiting for?

IT support graduate

As an IT support graduate you’ll be responsible for providing outstanding customer service and support to Xero’s rapidly growing internal user base. As this is a user-facing role, you will be a highly visible representative of our team, providing Xero staff with the tools they need to do the best work of their lives.

Code with Xero

Xero Event Code with Xero

Join us at one of our Code with Xero events! You can find out about the tools we use and how we use them. We’ll even do some live demos.

At Code with Xero, we will cover:
  • A bit about Xero and our junior talent programs
  • Introduction to how we do both frontend and backend development during our day today
  • Opportunity to ask us questions.

We look forward to e-meeting you on 4th April!

4 April | 3 pm-4 pm
Link to register:

Data Deep Dive

Xero Event Data Deep Dive

Are you passionate about Data? Do you want to use it to make a positive difference to small businesses around the world? Perhaps the Xero Data Graduate Program is right for you, but you want to know more?

If this sounds like you, join us online on 5th April 2022!

We'll take you through the world of Data here at Xero, our available Grad opportunities, and answer any questions you may have. Hope to see you online!

5 April | 3 pm-4 pm
Link to register:

Salesforce @ Xero

Xero Event Salesforce at Xero

Are you looking for a Graduate Developer role starting in Feb 2023? Are you interested in Salesforce, but want to know more? Well, we have just the event for you! Join us for a virtual session on 8th April where we'll show you the techstack, how we use it here at Xero, and answer your questions.

We look forward to e-meeting you on 8th April!

8 April | 3 pm-4 pm
Link to register:

Behind the Screens

Xero Event Behind the Screens

Join us at Behind the Screens and meet the Xero product design team. We’ll take you through some projects and give you an insight into the design process.

At this Behind the Screens session, we will cover:
  • A bit about Xero and our junior talent programs
  • An overview of what our Design program and roles look like at Xero
  • Opportunity to ask us questions.

Hope to see you there!

11 April | 3 pm-4 pm
Link to register: