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2degrees Graduate Programme

Because every department at 2degrees is different, our 2-year rotational programme will give you a taste of multiple departments. There are two different programmes for you to choose from:
  • ·Corporate programme (2 positions available)
  • ·Technology programme (2 positions available)
Corporate programme
If you apply for the Corporate programme your rotations could be in some of these great areas: Digital (think business transformation, CX, EX, UX, automation) Commercial, Sales, Finance, People, Marketing, Insights, Customer Care, Corporate Affairs or Strategy!
Technology programme
If you apply for our Technology programme your rotations could be in some of these great areas: IT (think infrastructure, app development, game design, innovation, architecture, testing, business intelligence, big data), Engineering (think technology operations, security, network engineering, transmission).
We want you to grow into outstanding future leaders, so whichever programme you choose, as a 2degrees graduate you'll enjoy plenty of support and development including formal training, coaching, mentoring and a good dose of on-the-job learning.

Development Programme – Learn Your Keep

Well first of all, we believe that you’ve got what it takes to be an outstanding future leader. That’s why we picked you. But you’re going to need plenty of support along the way – and that’s what our development programme is designed to do. It incorporates formal training, coaching, mentoring, and on-the-job learning. 

And because everyone needs a friend, we will pair you with a buddy, likely a previous graduate - someone you can chat to about the new transition and all things 2degrees. You’ll also have your very own coach who will support your development, and you’ll have an opportunity to work on cross-functional projects, gaining exposure across the business.  

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