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Auckland Wellington

What better way to learn than on the job. Over the course of your first year, we have designed an experience that will help you launch your career. Key highlights included training & development programs, mentors, opportunities to give back to the community and more. Roles are located in Auckland and Wellington.


What we do
Our strategy experts and industry thought leaders shape and recommend new solutions that make the most of new tech. Using entrepreneurial spirit, insight, and imagination and partnering closely with leading organizations.

What you need
We’re seeking curious, questioning individuals with a strategic mindset. To become a part of this area you’ll need a passion for strategy and could be qualified in anything from sociology through to psychology. 


What we do
Our Consulting services advise and build enduring trust-based relationships with clients. Through the development of customized, next-generation products and services that help them to move to new business models and leverage the latest technology. 

What you need
We require consultants that will work closely with client companies and be able to deeply understand their business and needs. For that reason, you’ll benefit from a background in anything from business to technology.


What we do
In Digital we design and implement cutting-edge solutions for leading businesses and governments. Building and creating the ‘wow moments’ for customers, connecting them to our clients via advanced analytics, interactive, social media and mobility.

What you need
We require individuals with a customer-first approach that are great at interacting with technology, design and people. You’ll also be across the latest tech trends.


What we do
Help clients to develop applications with a cloud-first, digital-first mindset. Generating tech in our state-of-the-art Accenture Labs, and providing end-to-end service and project delivery across all our Global Delivery Network engagements using Agile and DevOps to make software faster, flexible and more liquid.

What you need
Some of our best people in this field studied areas totally unrelated to Computer Science, IT and Technology. If you have a passion for new and emerging tech, and a willingness to learn, you’re exactly what we’re looking for.


What we do
Operations assist business and government to pivot to the new. We do this by providing the means to change the game. With technology enabled, secure and business operations through an ‘as-a-service’ model to help those, we partner with succeed.

What you need
You can be degree qualified across any number of areas to work here, just as long as you have a passion for new and emerging technologies.


What we do
We comprise of 5,000 security specialists who lead the industry, and pioneer industry-tailored solutions that fundamentally strengthen clients’ organizations so they can grow confidently. What we do covers risk strategy, digital identity, cyber defense, and app security.

What you need
Whatever your field of study, as long as you’re interested in becoming part of the next wave of new-generation technology, then we’re interested to hear from you.