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Summer Intern Programme

ANZ Summer Interns
No matter where your career takes you, our Summer Intern Programme aims to provide you with the foundations you need to grow and succeed. Our paid eight-week program is a great way to explore a career with ANZ, and gain invaluable experience in the corporate world.

We’re interested in people from diverse backgrounds, who are excited to be part of an industry that’s rapidly transforming for a digital and social world. People who want to make a difference for our customers, culture, and community.

What kind of work will you be doing?
We believe the best way to learn is to throw yourself into new experiences. Each of our Summer Intern Programme streams has a different focus. For example, if you join our Technology programme, you might be helping out on the architecture or systems we need to deliver the best experience to our customers. In Institutional you could be focusing on understanding a client’s business or industry and providing solutions for their complex financial needs.

Throughout the eight-week program, you'll work as part of a team and receive guidance, support, and feedback from your manager. You'll also get the chance to network with a range of graduates and managers and develop skills important for future success in the workplace.

Upon completion of the program, you might even receive an early offer for our 2020 Graduate Programme.

You can find more about the Institutional Summer Intern stream by visiting this page here.  Other business units recruiting for Interns will be recruiting later in the year.

Who can join the Summer Intern Programme?
Diversity of thinking is key to our success, so we encourage students from all degree disciplines to apply for our programme.

Your university marks aren’t the be-all and end-all; we’re equally as interested in your creative thinking and comfort in adapting to new people and situations. We’re looking for people who learn from challenges and failures, are digitally savvy and data literate. Your interests, hobbies, skills, and experiences also help us get to know you more. Because, at the end of the day, you’re more than a list of skills and attributes.

To be eligible for our Summer Intern Programme, when submitting your application you should be a citizen of, or hold permanent residency in, New Zealand or Australia. You should also be in your penultimate or 2nd last year of study of your bachelor or post-graduate degree.

Learn more about the application process here.