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The Asia New Zealand Foundation is New Zealand's leading non-government authority on Asia. We are a non-partisan, non-profit organisation, set up in 1994 to build New Zealanders' knowledge and understanding of Asia. We rely on a mix of public, philanthropic and corporate funding.

The Foundation works in partnership with influential individuals and organisations in New Zealand and Asia to provide high-level forums, culture events, international collaborations, school programmes and professional development opportunities. Our activities span more than 20 countries in Asia and are delivered through various programmes.



The Foundation’s business internship programme delivers professional development opportunities for New Zealand university students who want to develop a career that involves the Asian region. The aim of the programme is to give students and graduates exposure to business environments in Asia so that they can bring back the knowledge and skills required by New Zealand’s companies active in international markets.

New internship hosts are regularly added to the line-up of our partner organisations in Asia. We currently offer internships for New Zealanders studying Commerce, Engineering, Computer Science, and Law backgrounds. The Foundation encourages students for whom the Asian region is relevant to their career aspirations to apply for an internship that will enhance your resume by signalling to employers that you are switched on to the fact that Asia is becoming increasingly important to New Zealand’s future. 


Current Internships: 

Law Students: 

1. Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre

Engineering Students: 

1. Skanray Technologies, India

IT Students: 

1. ICT Internship Opportunity in India
2. Rakuten Computer Science Internship, Japan

Marketing & Sales Students: 

1. ANZCO Foods internship, Taiwan

Science Students: 

 1. Orient EuroPharma internship, Taiwan

The Asia New Zealand Foundation offers various business internships in different sectors and countries. To view a full list of these, click the following link: http://www.asianz.org.nz/our-work/action-asia-business/grants-and-internships

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