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In order to better equip New Zealand businesses to thrive in Asia, the Asia New Zealand Foundation provides opportunities for New Zealanders to work in Asia and then to bring that knowledge back with them.

The internship programme aims to help New Zealanders build a better understanding of the people, place, and culture of their Asian host country.

Who is eligible?
The Foundation is looking for students who are interested in pursuing a career involving the Asian region and are willing to engage with the Foundation’s professional development programmes after they return.

Most of the internships are aimed at students studying business-related subjects; however, there are also a few opportunities for engineering and science students.

When do the internships take place?
The internships are advertised from the beginning of semester two and the selection process takes place in the middle months of the year.

Most students go offshore in late November/beginning of December, although some may go in the New Year and stay offshore for part of semester one or longer. The internships currently range in length from six weeks to six months, with most currently lasting for three months.

What's covered?
The costs related to running the internships are shared between the Foundation, host organization and the interns, who make a contribution to their living expenses.

The Foundation, in conjunction with the host organization, assists the interns with obtaining appropriate visas and provides pastoral care during the internship.

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