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"AT's Journey of Discovery has given me the opportunity to grow my skills and capability in different parts of the business and own my career while working alongside some of the greatest leaders in the industry. Moreover, I feel privileged to be working for an organisation that allows me to give back to my community by helping to shape Auckland and allows me to bring my whole self to work."

Pele, 2019 Graduate

"The best thing about the journey I'm on with AT is the respect and value for individual thinking. My team encourages me to speak up and give input into everything we do. This allows me to be myself at work and feel comfortable to share my opinion and ideas. I'm extremely grateful to be a part of an organisation that values diverse thinking."

Karishma, 2019 Graduate

"The best thing about this journey I'm on with AT is having a great cohort of graduates to be on this journey with, as well as having the support and tools from AT to keep upskilling myself throughout the graduate programme."

Doris, 2019 Graduate

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