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Our Graduate Programme

To apply for our Graduate Programme, you need to:

  • be on track to finishing your degree by February 2021, and
  • meet the academic requirements of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand to enter the Chartered Accountants College. For more details about the Chartered Accountants Program, Click Here.

Our grads begin as Assistant Auditors in February after they finish their university studies. Usually, about half of the places in our Graduate Programme are filled by participants of our previous year's Summer Internship Programme.

The Graduate Programme begins with a four-day induction where you’ll receive:

  • the practical training you will need to start your new job; and
  • the tools you will need to do your job, including a laptop, and a mobile phone.

Grad induction is where you will get a chance to meet others in your year group. They’ll be a great source of advice and support in the years to come.

From the beginning, you’ll work on a portfolio of clients. You’ll also receive support from a mentor as you learn on the job.
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"I interned at Audit New Zealand over the 2010/11 summer and started as a new grad in Feb 2012.
I completed the CA programme in 2014 and became a Chartered Accountant in 2015. I’ve worked on a range of entities but one of the most interesting is the New Zealand Defence Force(NZDF).

NZDF is a massive organisation. So, to make sure that I had a strong understanding of what they do, I got to visit different parts of the organisation around the country. This meant I talked to personnel throughout NZDF (and not just the finance people) and got to see the sorts of things that they do (by visiting bases). Getting out from behind a desk to do this is was the best thing about being on the NZDF audit.

I also did a secondment to our Professional Practices Group and it was a great opportunity to use all of the accounting knowledge I have picked up by dealing with complex and interesting accounting issues, learning from the experts in the accounting technical team, and getting the chance to teach at our training sessions."

Bonar Robertson  Audit Manager