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Our Graduate Programme



To apply for our Graduate Programme, you need to:
  • be on track to finishing your degree by March 2022, and
  • meet the academic requirements of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand to enter the Chartered Accountants College. For more details about the Chartered Accountants Program, click here.
Our graduates begin as Assistant Auditors in February, after they finish their university studies. Usually, about half of the places in our Graduate Programme are filled by participants from the previous year's Summer Internship Programme.
The Graduate Programme begins with a four-day induction where you’ll receive:
  • the practical training you will need to start your new job; and
  • the tools you will need to do your job, including a laptop, and a mobile phone.
The induction is where you get a chance to meet others in your year group. They’ll be a great source of support as you study and work together towards qualifying as Chartered Accountants.
From the beginning, you’ll work on a portfolio of clients. You’ll also receive support from a mentor as you learn on the job.

Alvi Nanat, Intermediate Auditor

I started at Audit New Zealand as an intern and then temporarily worked during the busy season, before returning as a graduate the following year.
The internship gave me a taste of audit work and allowed me to see whether this was what I wanted to do. From the beginning, we were given hands-on work. We were taken to audits, allocated sections to complete, and communicated directly with clients.
What I really like about my job is that no two days are the same. As a graduate, you’ll have a diverse portfolio of clients, which is a great way to learn about different industries. You’ll also receive training and have many opportunities to develop into a capable, independent and skilled auditor.
Here at Audit New Zealand, you’re constantly learning and building your career alongside other people. Because everyone has different clients and is learning different things, we often share our learnings and help each other out. During the lockdown, everyone was reaching out and checking in on each other.

Alvi Nanat  
Intermediate Auditor, Dunedin