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Diversity and Inclusion

Aurecon is committed to driving an inclusive culture based on respect, where everyone feels valued and has a sense of belonging. Our innovation aspiration is dependent on our ability to recruit, develop and retain a diverse workforce and to create an inclusive, high-performing culture where everyone can be their full authentic selves within a vibrant community. We have initiatives and policies to foster talent from all walks of life to ensure a fair working environment where opportunities are available to everyone.

LGBTI+ Support
We proudly support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) people in the workplace. We promote active inclusion of LGBTI members of the community in an environment that enables diverse LGBTI and non-LGBTI people to interact comfortably and authentically, supported by Aurecon to develop to their full professional potential.
In January 2019, Aurecon became the first consulting engineer in New Zealand to be Rainbow Tick certified. The Rainbow Tick is a quality improvement cycle designed to make an organisation a safe, welcoming and inclusive place for people of diverse gender identity and sexual orientation.
Our LGBTI inclusion action plan aims to provide a genuine duty of care to our people and allow our employees to be authentic and ensure that Aurecon’s values are lived by creating a safe, respectful and inclusive environment for all.
We strive to address the significant underrepresentation of LGBTI members in STEM through championing a ‘LGBT+ in STEM’ professional networking group in New Zealand. The group is a support platform for diversity and inclusion to improve the visibility of LGBTI in workplaces.

Gender Equality
Aurecon is committed to becoming a future ready organisation that provides unique solutions to its clients’ challenges. This can only be achieved in a work environment where everyone feels respected, has a sense of value and is willing to contribute. Gender equality is central to our diversity and inclusion commitment.
 In Australia and New Zealand, Aurecon is proud of its journey towards being an employer of choice for gender equality. In Australia, Aurecon has been assessed positively since receiving its first Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation in 2016 from The Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA). WGEA awards the citation to organisations which demonstrate action towards removing gender pay gaps and ongoing pay parity. Other citation criteria are in relation to a leadership-led gender equality strategy, learning and development opportunities, flexible working, supporting those with caring responsibilities, employee consultation on gender equality matters and gender targets.
As a Workplace Gender Equality Agency Pay Equity Ambassador, William Cox, Aurecon’s Chief Executive Officer, has a commitment to ensuring like-for-like pay parity within the business and championing pay parity within Aurecon’s external network.
Aurecon’s Ascend programme – a leadership advancement programme – inspires, develops and supports Aurecon’s high potential women to become the leaders they want to be and they want to see
Aurecon is disrupting gendered expectations regarding caring and working through its Shared Care parental leave policy that allows Aurecon families to have flexibility to share child care responsibilities. The policy encourages all parents, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, family situation or how a child arrives (through birth, adoptions, surrogacy or foster care), to take up to 14 weeks paid leave to care for children in the first 12 months of the child arriving with the family. Aurecon also encourages all employees to work flexibly to manage commitments outside of work.
Cultural Diversity
At Aurecon, we believe that by embracing cultural diversity and inclusion, we drive innovation with a cross cultural, cross gender, cross disciplinary workforce. Innovation thrives in inclusive cultures where leaders support diverse teams. This means we accept applications from all backgrounds, including international students for our graduate programme.
At Aurecon, we are committed to creating sustainable and meaningful relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia, and Māori in New Zealand, as highlighted in our Reconciliation Action Plan and through our partnerships with Iwi and the provision of cadetships that support Maori youth.