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Want to be a summer intern?

If you are looking for a summer internship to gain some work experience, a Beca internship is the place for you! Our summer interns across Australia and New Zealand work full-time in a Beca office.

When do applications open? 

Applications for our 2021/22 Summer Intern Development Programme will open in July 2021.

How long is the internship? 

Our summer students usually start work in mid-November after exams are finished. The intern programme is 8 weeks long with 2 weeks off over Christmas and New Year's, so you'll finish up in mid-February.

What will I do as a Beca intern? 

You will work alongside other interns on a summer intern project – a real business problem facing our industry. You will also get to attend our famous Beca Summer Intern conference at Beca HQ, networking events and interactive workshops.

Will I get paid? 

Yes! Your hourly rate will depend on your experience, year of study and any extra qualifications. But don't worry - it's a competitive rate in the market!

What kinds of interns does Beca take? 

That depends on the needs across our business each year. In the past we’ve taken a mixture of engineering students with an interest in civil, electrical, geotechnical, geology, software, mechanical, structural, transportation. Some years we also take survey, GIS, planning, HR, cost and project management students. We'll share the locations and positions on our website when applications open - follow our Grad Facebook and Instagram for updates!

Why should I choose Beca for work experience?

We’ve got over 1,500 technical gurus, so you'll have the opportunity to work alongside some of the best in the industry. You will gain invaluable consulting experience from our multidisciplinary support network. Plus, you will get exposure to a huge range of markets, from water, defence, education, healthcare, transportation and infrastructure, to food and beverage and power – helping you decide what interests you!

Still got questions? 

Visit www.beca.com/becainterns or email our team at beca.graduates@beca.com.