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The Experience

From the moment you start, you are part of our team. We've all been there before. Your responsible partner, peers, and buddy are there to help support and guide you and answer any questions you have, whether it be a legal issue.

You will be assigned a junior lawyer as a buddy who can help you make the most of your time with us from the moment you receive your offer, right through the summer and beyond.

On top of that, a member of our HR team is dedicated to the summer clerk programme in each office. They'll help you settle in, answer any questions you may have and advise you over the summer.

As well as informal advice and support, we will regularly provide you with formal feedback.

You will have a legal secretary assigned to you to assist you with dictation, typing, filing and client communication.

At Bell Gully, you are supported by the latest IT systems. Our document management system is integrated with our core software and we regularly upgrade our systems to capture the latest developments.

You will also be able to draw upon our extensive legal precedents, and our Information Services department will provide you with all the legal research tools you need, providing assistance to you throughout the summer.