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Bring your difference and this will be the start of an incredible career

Some people are more ambitious than others. More courageous. More resilient. And more willing to stand up for their own ideas. Some people are more adaptable than others. More agile. More resourceful. And more proactive when it comes to learning new things. Few graduates combine all of these qualities – the qualities of a leader. But if you’re one of them, then an inspiring journey awaits you here at BAT.

The programme itself is a 12-month, fast-track to management that’s geared specifically for high-potential individuals. It’ll throw you into a real job from day one; give you the chance to make an impact on our international business; develop your potential through the BAT Academy – bringing you together with fellow graduates and senior colleagues from across the Globe; and, ultimately, set you up for a successful career ahead.

Seize the opportunity and experience like no other

If you have what it takes (we’re talking courage, resilience, and agility), no other organization can offer a graduate experience quite like BAT. It’s a fast-paced. It’s exciting. It’ll stretch you to the limit. And it’ll prepare you for a management role in just 12 months.

Our unique programme throws you into a real job from day one; develops your potential through world-class training – connecting you with fellow graduates and senior colleagues from across the globe; and, ultimately, sets you up for a successful career ahead.

Where it all comes together - The BAT Academy

You’ll come together with other BAT graduates from across the globe at our dedicated, world-class learning academy in London.

Two weeks residential at the BAT Academy is designed to help you do three things: brush up on your functional capabilities, sharpen your commercial edge and hone the skills you need to be an inspirational leader. And because you will have close interaction with your senior colleagues, you’ll gain a fantastic insight into the future direction of the business too.

As well as supporting your professional development, the Academy is a great opportunity to connect with fellow graduates from around the world, so you can share your experiences, celebrate your achievements and grow together.

This is just the start – where it could take you

We’re serious about putting you on the right career path, and consider our Global Graduate Programme as a stepping-stone to bigger and better things. Of course, no two careers are the same, but here’s an outline of how you could expect to progress over the next five years.

  • Global Graduate Programme -Build your understanding of consumers, your functional skills and practical hands-on experience.
  • Junior Manager - Sharpen your functional and leadership capabilities, while developing a deeper understanding of consumers.
  • Manager - By now, your functional skills and management capabilities will mark you out as a true business leader.
Make no mistake, our Global Graduate Programme is not an easy option. But if you’ve got what it takes, and you give it your all, it could lead to a uniquely rewarding career. 

Stay tuned for our graduate opportunities in the future!