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British American Tobacco

Offers jobs to students studying

Business and Commerce Law Supply Chain & Logistics



Hit the ground running

The programme starts with our comprehensive onboarding – a fascinating experiential journey through the world of BAT that takes in our history, our vision and values, and the underlying strategy we call the BAT Way.

You’ll gain a fantastic insight into the business as a whole, from our factory operations to the products we sell, the markets we operate in, the organizations we compete with and, most important of all, our consumers. You’ll discover how our various business functions, including Trade Marketing, Supply Chain, Legal & External Affairs, Finance, and Human Resources work together to meet the needs of the business today while helping us secure a successful and sustainable tomorrow. And last but not least, you’ll learn about the crucial role you have to play in all of this, the framework for your development, what we expect from you and what you can expect from us in return.

By the time you’ve completed your onboarding, you’ll have the knowledge to back up your energy and ambition. And together, they’ll enable you to meet every challenge and maximize every opportunity that comes your way.

Make a real impact – A proper job from day one

After your onboarding, you’ll jump straight into a field-based commercial challenge.

Meeting consumers’ needs sits at the heart of what we do. Which is why it’s so important that you learn what this part of the business is about and prove you understand the challenges and opportunities of the people who work in these roles. But make no mistake, though you’ll be new to the business – and maybe even the commercial world in general – these first few months will be more than just a learning exercise. You’ll be doing a real job from day one. And we’ll expect you to deliver real, commercial results.