Countdown is New Zealand’s largest supermarket brand with 180 stores nationwide and almost three million customers every week. We are also one of the largest employers in New Zealand with 18,000 team across our stores, four dry distribution centers, three fresh produce distribution centres, two meat processing plants, one seafood processing plant and a central support office. We are committed to celebrating and growing all diversity in our business.

Woolworths New Zealand is part of Woolworths Group Limited and is also the franchisor of the Super Value and FreshChoice supermarkets, which represents over 69 stores, also part of the Woolworths Group.

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Countdown’s purpose is to make Kiwi’s lives a little better every day. Alongside a focus on delivering great value for our customers and growing our business, we also provide rewarding jobs and a supportive workplace, contribute to local communities, and work to protect Aotearoa’s unique environment for future generations.

facts tile2In 2018, we phased out single-use plastic carrier bags at our checkouts and online, removing 350 million bags from circulation in Aotearoa.
We have given out over 5 million pieces of fruit to Kiwi kids since 2015.
At the heart of our operations is a desire to promote the health and well-being of our customers, enhance the lives of our team and their families, and do whatever we can to protect natural resources for future generations. There are many ways we are doing this including supporting local Kiwi suppliers wherever we can, through to supporting our food rescue programme partners, tackling waste, addressing climate change and celebrating diversity. Over the past year, we have donated more than $6 million worth of food.
Countdown was proud to have gained White Ribbon Accreditation in 2018 for its ongoing work to support team members affected by family violence.
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Countdown has been awarded the RainbowTick in recognition of our commitment to LGBTI inclusion.
When 18,000 Kiwis decide to get behind something, anything is possible! That’s exactly what we have seen at Countdown as our entire business has got behind delivering numerous initiatives for Aotearoa. Initiatives that will have long-lasting, positive impacts on our communities, our people and our environment.
You could be one of us and start to make an impact on what really matters.

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Less cups in landfill people factGraduate wappleFind out more about the good things we do here!

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