CPB Contractors is the CIMIC Group’s construction company, with a team of around 23,000 people working at operations across Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Asia and India.

In New Zealand CPB Contractors have been operating for more than a decade and is a trusted dynamic partner in delivering some of the country's most complex infrastructure projects.

We are committed to safety.

We are committed to safety. Our leading safety standards support New Zealand’s new legislation and heightened awareness of health and safety issues across our industry.

We are committed to excellence.

Our projects have won numerous industry awards, including the 2015 NZTA GEM Award for Customer Service & Safety, 2014 NZ Contractors Federation Safety Award, 2013 Roading Excellence Awards, and 2012 World Demolition Award.

We are committed to regional development.

Building the skills of the New Zealand workforce through our training and employment programs, and working with Iwi and other groups to develop meaningful work opportunities, CPB continue to support the development of local communities.


CPB Contractors are currently delivering the following projects:

  • Transmission Gully

  • Baypark to Bayfair Upgrade

  • Christchurch Bus Interchange

  • Schools PPP3

  • Christchurch Convention Centre

  • Waikeria Prison PPP

  • Christchurch Hospital

  • Southern Corridor Improvements Project

TG2   TG3

Previous projects by CPB Contractors include:

  • Christchurch Bus Interchange

  • Newmarket Viaduct Replacement

  • Auckland Road Maintenance Alliance

  • Wellington Tunnel Alliance

  • SH20-1 Manukau Extension

  • Northern Gateway Alliance

  • Central Motorway Junction

  • St Lukes Interchange

  • SH16 Causeway Upgrade




At CPB Contractors, we share the CIMIC Group’s mission and principles. These, along with our CI​MIC Group Code of Conduct, guide and help us to work together, make the right decisions and create the right outcomes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to generate sustainable returns for our shareholders by delivering projects for our clients while providing safe, rewarding and fulfilling careers for our people. 

Our Principles

Our Principles guide our actions and provide a shared language and identity across CPB Contractors and the CIMIC Group.

Our Principles are Integrity, Accountability, Innovation and Delivery.

  • Integrity is about honesty and respect, which are important as we must act lawfully, but more than that – it's about interacting with our colleagues, our clients, our suppliers and our shareholders in the way you would expect them to interact with you
  • Accountability is about commitment and responsibility; it's about doing what we are each required to do regardless of our level or position; it's about accepting the challenges we all face and dealing with them with dedication and professionalism
  • Innovation is about finding new and better ways of doing our work; it's about continuous improvement, solving problems and making the most of our professional skills; it should be at the heart of our competitive advantage and our success
  • Delivery is about the quality of our achievement; without delivery, we have no business; it drives our reputation and credibility; it's keeping our outcomes in focus and continually striving to do better.

Within the Principles framework, Safety underpins everything. It is fundamental to our business.

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