At Crombie Lockwood success doesn’t just happen, we’re the people who make it happen.

We don’t wait for opportunities, we create them. 

We’re always looking ahead, on the hunt for new ways to do more and to be better.

We are the curious, the innovators, the outside of-the-box thinkers. We are the entrepreneurs, the go-getters, the roll-up your sleeves, get stuck-in, high-achievers.

For our customers to succeed, we have to be a winning team. That’s why we work hard together and for each other, sharing the load, backing one another to go further and always celebrating the great things we achieve together.

Success is what drives us and makes us such a great place to work.

So come on, let’s succeed together.


We’re small enough to care, and big enough to get things done!

We’ve been helping Kiwis protect whatever’s important to them for over 40 years.

Their businesses and homes, their incomes, their assets, their families, their futures and their own success stories. By listening, by understanding and by doing things differently, we’ve become the benchmark for trusted insurance advice.

Starting from a small office in Napier 1978, we have grown to be New Zealand's most influential insurance broker and became one of the 14 countries around the world to be part of US-based Gallagher in 2014. 

Even though we’re now a global company, Steve Lockwood (Australia/NZ Managing Director) and Carl O’Shea (CEO) make sure we stay grounded to our Kiwi roots, operating like we’re still that two-person office who put our team and clients at the heart of everything we do.

Did we mention this year Gallagher were named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies and the only insurance broker recognized?

Insurance is a way for people to help each other. We’ve been helping Kiwi’s protect whatever is important to them for over 40 years.

So when bad things happen, we’re right there, helping our customers recover, helping them get back to what really matters. That’s the true measure of our success.

Insurers (underwriters in our language) use statistics to work out the likelihood that the event people want insurance cover for is likely to happen to them. Then they know how much in premium (regular payments) they need to charge to make sure they have enough funds available to pay out the claims. Of course, they also invest the premiums they get to grow it to an even larger amount, so they can charge lower premiums.

We work with many insurers who all compete for customers and offer a great variety of insurance cover at different rates. For someone who wants insurance cover, it can be very hard to work out what exactly they need and how to get the best deal. That’s where Crombie Lockwood comes in.

We’re not an insurer, we’re an insurance broker. We use our skills to help our clients figure out what insurance they need; we use our relationships with insurers to secure the best protection for our clients and use our experience to support insurance claims should they arise.

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