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Auckland Palmerston North

Insurance is a way for people to help each other. 

When bad things happen, we’re right there, helping our clients recover, and get back to what really matters. That’s the true measure of our success.

Insurers (underwriters in our language) use statistics to work out the likelihood that the event people want insurance cover for is likely to happen to them (risk in our language). Then they know how much (regular payments) they need to charge (premiums in our language) to make sure they have enough funds available to pay out the claims. Of course, they also invest the premiums they get to grow it to an even larger amount, so they can lower premiums.

We work with many insurers who all compete for customers and offer a variety of insurance covers at different rates. For someone looking for insurance, it can be very hard to work out what exactly they need and how to get the best cover. That’s where Crombie Lockwood comes in.

We’re not an insurer, we’re an insurance broker. We use our skills to help our clients figure out what insurance they need; then we use our relationships with insurers to secure the best protection for our clients and our experienced specialist team to support insurance claims should they arise.

Watch here about how we kept one our clients afloat following flooding in Otago