About Danone

Danone is a world leading food company with a global presence in over 130 countries and over 100,000 employees worldwide.

We believe food plays a fundamental role in development and well-being for everyone, and we want our products to make people healthier in every way and at every stage of life.

Danone is committed to “bring health through food to as many people as possible”. This mission is brought to life by our three categories - Essential Dairy and Plant-Based Products (World No. 2 for Early Life Nutrition, and No. 1 in Europe for Medical Nutrition), and Waters (World No.2).

We are deeply invested in NZ which is a strategic supply point for our winning international Early Life Nutrition brands, including the Aptamil and Karicare ranges which are highly sought after by parents both locally and overseas. We're proud to be part of the dairy industry here and the fact that the Karicare brand has a New Zealand heritage that dates back to 1907.

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Our Manifesto

We built our Manifesto to reinforce our dual commitment to business success and social progress and to acknowledge that we cannot work for healthier choices and lifestyles without caring about the health and wellness of our communities and planet.  This dual commitment began with a groundbreaking speech by the founding father of Danone, Antoine Riboud, in France in 1972. His speech was the first time an employer in France stressed the need to consider the human side of the business and this 'dual project' is still deeply embedded in our company culture today. The Manifesto is a set of commitments our business has made to bring to life "One Planet. One Health" - you can find them here


*Danone 2017 Annual Financial Report

Danone in NZ

Our Specialised Nutrition Category operates in New Zealand,  we manufacture our Early Life Nutrition products here for local and international markets, and have a smaller team looking after our Medical Nutrition products. 

Our Early Life Nutrition products are world leading and include the Karicare and Aptamil ranges which are trusted by parents both overseas, and in New Zealand.


We have over 450 people in New Zealand working in Manufacturing, Quality and Food Safety, Research and Innovation, Supply Chain and Logistics, Human Resources,  Legal & Regs, IT IS and Finance.

In the last 4 years, we’ve invested more than $85M in our New Zealand sites, which includes a recent $25M expansion and upgrade of our Auckland plant that doubles its production capacity. You can find out more about this investment in the video below, taken at the official opening of our new production line in Auckland.


Where are we?

In New Zealand we have three manufacturing facilities, one in Balclutha and two in Auckland.

We work with farms in Balclutha who provide raw milk specifically for us, which is then spray dried and turned into Base Powder for our Early Life Nutrition Products. These include the Aptamil and Karicare ranges which are highly sought after both locally and overseas.


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In Auckland we have a Blending and Packing plant where the final product is created and packed. It’s the only Danone plant anywhere in the world that’s also able to produce cans and package everything in one place.

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We have a third site in Auckland where our Distribution Centre is based, as well as our New Zealand business units for Early Life Nutrition and Medical Nutrition.

Our culture is built on four values. All over the world – whether in retail outlets, on production lines or with suppliers – our 100,000 employees demonstrate the same openness, the same desire to share, and the same unwavering passion to deliver. 


In Danone, the "how" matters as much as the "what". We believe sustainable performance and breakthrough results can only be achieved when people dare express and demonstrate their leadership potential.

Our set of leadership values, known as CODES, is strongly anchored in our company values and underpins everything we do. Creates, Opens, Drives, Empowers and Self-aware: these are the key attributes of a leader in Danone.

Danone puts a lot of emphasis on the company values and puts a lot of resource into teaching these through CODES for Me – It is nice that you can see these come into play in any Danone office in the world.

Danone puts a lot of emphasis on the company values and puts a lot of resource into teaching these through CODES for Me – It is nice that you can see these come into play in any Danone office in the world

CODESFind out more about CODES here

Here’s what our Graduates had to say

How would you describe the company’s culture?

Dynamic, fast paced, fun and social. The work place is a fun place to be, a work family that is very supportive. There are always new projects with opportunities to get involved in. And always opportunities to hang out together outside of work.

The day to day culture and interactions at our site are great. People are always supportive and give help when it’s needed.

Danone is fast paced and dynamic. Openness and team work are important and encouraged.

There is always something new and interesting happening; there is never a boring day!

And what is the leadership like? 

The Leadership Team is approachable and are all interested in the development of the new talent.

You are guided but not spoon fed. You are encouraged to make decisions and take responsibilities by your manager who allows you to make calls and take action.

The leadership style is open - all of the leaders are open and willing to have discussions with you.


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