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Our Award Winning Programme

Rotations through the business 
Our talent strategy is about developing a group of future leaders who could potentially take on a range of leadership roles. We know the best way to do that is by exposing you to the wider business before you specialize in one area. Rotations into different business communities under different managers are key to your development.  Currently, our Graduates are working across New Zealand and the Pacific region and are developing technical, commercial and personal skills. 
Young Professionals Mentoring Programme
Downer has an established network of mentors across our business communities. As a Graduate, you will be partnered with an experienced senior leader who has time to meet with you on a regular basis to help you set future career goals and find your way as a graduate.
Young Professionals Conference
Every year we invite Graduates to participate in the Young Professionals Conference. This is a two-day event that incorporates professional development, team building, networking, and technical updates.  Our Executive leadership team also attend and join in with the conference, networking and even the early morning boot camp!
Our last conference focused on “Your vision: Our future” Downer recognizes the importance of graduates contributing to the Downer strategic plan now as they will be leading the Downer of the future.
Engineering Forums
We know professional registration is important and encourage our graduates to become Chartered Professional Engineers. We run forums across New Zealand to help you in getting there. Forums are designed for our graduates to bring their portfolios of evidence for review and receive feedback and guidance from Engineering NZ recognized assessors on their paperwork. Managers are also encouraged to attend and provide support to the wider Young Professionals network.
The forums are a mix of education, informal networking and plenty of pizza!


VSA (Voluntary Services Abroad)

As a Downer Graduate, you may get the opportunity to travel, by working on one of our Pacific projects or contributing to our VSA partnership in the Solomon Islands. 
Did you know Downer has an exclusive partnership with VSA – no other Graduate Programme in New Zealand can offer you this partnership experience!
We believe that our partnership with the VSA is a game changer for graduates. By recognizing that young people want more out of their jobs, we are a step ahead.
All our VSA young professionals have come back to Downer requesting greater leadership roles. We have seen them take on larger projects, ask to work more independently, taking ownership of a complete project and offering to work in remote areas of New Zealand with confidence. 
With young professions returning to work and talking about their experience, applications for our VSA programme are increasing.


Kumeroa says:

“Volunteering in the Solomon Islands through the partnership with VSA truly made me realise what is and isn’t important in life. It also gave me the opportunity to improve my engineering skills by viewing things from a different perspective in relation to culture, social influences, and doing the best with what you’ve got”.