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Get ready for a great legal experience! You’ll gain the best insight into what it’s like working for an enterprising law firm by working alongside out lawyers and partners from day one.

Diverse graduate programme

Every year we welcome a group of graduates into our national programme designed to ensure you get maximum support and exposure to a wide variety of work. 

You can expect to be involved in client work from day one, included within our specialized teams of solicitors, associates, and partners all working together to achieve the best outcome for our clients.  You’ll receive plenty of support and guidance from our senior staff.  Not only will we be eager to hear your new ideas but we’ll also look forward to learning about the latest research and technologies you have developed during your time at university.

Our culture

We put a lot of time and thought into making Duncan Cotterill a great place to work - a place that rewards excellence and, at the same time, recognizes and encourages individuality.

Our graduates are encouraged to get involved in firm social events alongside partners and colleagues at all levels. Activities include sports, university-based activities (sponsorship of university wellness weeks and representation at career expos), community participation and hosting clients at firm events.

We recognize a healthy work-life balance as the key to delivering great work and building a strong culture.

Your journey

  • Guaranteed partner access
  • Challenging and interesting work opportunities, including early interaction with clients
  • Multiple levels of support from peers, colleagues, partners and other professionals
  • Ongoing training and development
  • Buddy and mentor programme
  • Regular constructive feedback
  • Great professional support networks
  • Support and payment for the completion of your professionals' study (graduates only)
  • Competitive remuneration and benefit package
  • Sustainable working to support the pursuit of interests and hobbies
  • Great culture
  • Pro bono and community involvement opportunities
What we look for

  • A proactive and passionate attitude
  • A willingness to reach that little bit further when required
  • A team-player mind-set
  • Inquisitive nature and an eye for detail
  • An approachable personality
  • A strong sense of ethics and professionalism
  • Initiative
  • Passion
  • Integrity