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| Working at DXC does not only give you the chance to make a difference to its client but also gives you the opportunity to pursue your passion in technology. I am a Software Test Analyst in a government client and am really enjoying the challenges that I am working on because of my very motivated and supportive team. I was a Business Intelligence Developer before but with DXC innovation team, I was still able to contribute changes in the field of data analytics.
Overall, DXC is a great company for everyone to amplify their potentials and bring out the best in them.”
Royce Tabora – Software Test Analyst
I’ve extremely enjoyed the time I’ve spent so far at DXC. I’ve been able to network with several people at DXC Australia & New Zealand to build key relationships.  The graduate program has allowed me to transition from university into full time work smoothly with guidance and mentorship. I’ve been able to learn and use emerging technologies which is important in a world that is changing so quickly. DXC offers many opportunities to upskill and develop with resources readily available such as DXC University which has been very helpful. The social events at DXC have been brilliant and there are always events and activities going on which caters to everyone. Janakan Karunaharan - Associate Test Analyst
|  Working as a Presales Consultant in DXC has been extremely rewarding. I am constantly surrounded by great leaders who would go out of their way to mentor me as well as being able to work and learn from intelligent people. There has not been a dull day as every day came with a different challenge to allow me to grow my career faster.
Suzie Xie - Presales Consultant
|  Working in my role has been extremely rewarding, the diversity of challenges faced constantly tests my skills and forces me to constantly learn and grow. Whether it be liaising with the customer to ensure customer satisfaction, planning and discussing problems with my team, or sitting down and curating solutions each day is different and requires are different type of focus and energy. This keeps work exciting, the opportunity to apply myself in different ways and broaden my skills makes me eager for future work
Nathan Chandra - Associate Technical Consultant
|  The thing I love most about DXC is getting to do a job that is rewarding. I enjoy being able to help our customers with valuable services and make positive changes in society. Furthermore, I am grateful for getting the chance to learn lots of new things and work with awesome colleagues. I appreciate DXC for giving me the opportunity to do this job, and it is an honor to be part of the company.
Jung Hoon Choi - Service Application Developer