About EY

Do you know what it takes to build a better working world?

At EY we like to look for smarter and better ways to do things. We like to ask, what if? You see, the biggest breakthroughs in this world happen by asking these two small but powerful words. Lasting achievements start with looking at things in a different way and that’s what we’re all about. It’s the legacy we’re creating for our clients, communities and our people. And we’d love for you to be involved.

How do you want the world to work better? We’ll provide you with experience and experiences that’ll shape your career for years to come. Because when you grow, we do too. With EY you can influence the future of your career, the businesses you work with and even the world you live in.

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 At EY, you’ll help define us and we’ll help define you.

Graduate Programme

You’ll have all the coaching, formal training and leadership development you need to progress quickly. You’ll have experiences that will set you up for success, both now and in the future.
Using the knowledge you’ve gained from your studies, you’ll help all types of companies, from entrepreneurial start-ups to multinationals. And, in the process, you’ll work in a high-performing, global team as you build your reputation as a trusted business advisor and develop relationships that you’ll draw on for the rest of your professional career. Together we can build a better career for you and a better working world for our people, our clients and our community.

For more information go to: ey.com/nz/careers/graduate


Internship Programme

You’re curious and motivated. What are your options? The decisions you’ll make, the way you tackle life all point to more. To doing real client work and gaining new skills; to being exposed to a variety of professional experiences; to finding out more about us and where your future could lie. Impress us during your programme and you may secure a graduate role.
For more information go to: ey.com/nz/careers/internship


Career Compass Programme

Whoever you want to be, our Career Compass Programme will show you how. Take your passion for new experiences and dare to travel beyond your comfort zone. Discover more about yourself, develop interpersonal skills and learn how to make smart career decisions. See our culture, people, and practices, as well as what you’re capable of. Your adventure has only just begun.
For more information go to: ey.com/nz/careers/ccp



Professional Services

High School

Research careers and companies

First year of tertiary study

Attend careers and employer events

Second to last year of tertiary study

Apply for internships and research graduate jobs

Last year of tertiary study

Apply for graduate jobs and programmes or consider post-graduate study

Offers jobs to students studying


Information Technology