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Applying for a job is a big commitment so we want to make joining FlexiGroup a simple, easy to understand process where you know what's happening every step of the way.  

How do I get started?

Submit your online application

You’ll need to include a CV, cover letter and answer a few basic questions about yourself and your interest in the role you are applying to.

I’m not a New Zealand resident, can I still be considered?

If you're currently overseas but keen to consider a career with FlexiGroup, that's great news. To join us, you must be a permanent New Zealand resident or have the appropriate work permit. More detailed information can be found on Work in New Zealand - New Zealand Immigration.

I’ve applied, now what?

So you've found the role that's a match for your skills, goals, and ambitions. You’ve submitted an application online and you will have received a confirmation email so you know we’ve got your application. We know how important it is to be kept informed so we will be in regular contact as recruitment progresses.

Our Recruitment process

We like to keep things as straightforward as we can so our process usually consists of shortlisting, an interview and pre-employment checks. Sometimes we’ll call if we need to clarify something in your application or want to know a bit more about you – it’s a great way for both sides to find out a little more about each other.

Online Testing

Some of our roles will require you to complete an online skills assessments as part of the selection process, your recruitment consultant will talk you through these if required. When doing testing we always encourage you to pick a time when you aren’t too tired, will be uninterrupted, and will have access to reliable internet. Testing can take up to about 45 minutes.

Interviewing with FlexiGroup

Awesome - you’ve made it through to interview and will be meeting some of our friendly team! Interviews are definitely not a one-sided affair at FlexiGroup - while we will be asking you a range of questions to understand more about your experience and what makes you tick, we will also talk you through the role and the team and give you a chance to ask us questions back.

Then we are all set – it’s time to kick start your career with FlexiGroup!