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Meet our team

There's no doubt about it - our people are our success. 

We come from a wide range of backgrounds; straight out of the study, front line retail, call centers, large corporates, small businesses, and Mums and Dads returning to the workplace.

The diversity of our team is one of the great things about working at FlexiGroup - everyone is welcome, and everyone has something to contribute.

Don't just take our word for it - check out what some of the team have to say about working here!


I’ve developed skills that I never would have been able to learn from just sitting in a university classroom. I’ve always considered myself to be a rather outgoing person but even simple things like interacting with people from other teams have meant that my interpersonal skills have gotten better as well. I’m also surprised at how fast I’ve managed to learn about how the financial services industry works!

I think people can easily get the impression that being a financial services company automatically means being all work, no games but FlexiGroup isn’t like that. We love to celebrate and encourage collaboration. The Flexi Family is a diverse and inclusive one where everyone and anyone is welcome.

Courtney Nuyad, Communications Intern



The financial services industry is a great industry to get into. If like me this aligns with your career goals then you should seize any opportunity to join the FlexiGroup NZ team. The best thing for me about working at FlexiGroup is that I work mostly autonomously with tons of exposure to the financial markets.

Dillon Ip-Brady, Treasury Analyst



The thing I enjoy most about working at FlexiGroup is a supportive environment. You get to learn something new every day which is really exciting. 

I started my career at Flexi as a Customer Support Rep one year ago and my proudest achievement is being offered the role of Assistant Team Manager. I have developed a lot and I cannot wait to learn more!

Krina Parekh, Assistant Team Manager

Contact Centre



I started With FlexiGroup as a contractor 3 days a week which worked really well with my work-life balance as I had just returned to study. After three months, I accepted a full-time permanent position focusing on instructional design and facilitation. I’m due to complete my PGDip Education at the end of this year. My manager is supportive of my study and encourages me to put into practice what I’m learning and has been flexible with study days, which really helps.

As a recent grad, you are at the forefront of best-practice and new techniques. FlexiGroup is an open, inclusive work environment and wants your input.

Ally Price, Capability Development Partner

People and Capability



At FlexiGroup, the people are what makes coming to work easy and helps to facilitate my role.  My job allows me to have a view of the entire company’s operations.  I enjoy working with people to ensure that risks and constraints in meeting our objectives are managed or eliminated.

My proudest achievement at FlexiGroup is resolving an ongoing issue that eventually led to a $270,000 savings for the Company.

Mike Christian, Risk and Assurance Manager

Risk and Assurance



Flexi is full of variety, it cares about its staff, and the career opportunities are endless.

In my role, I can spend one day speaking to a vendor about yellow goods on a dairy farm and the next I could be looking to finance a company for gym equipment, as well as managing a great team!

Lauren Midgley, Sales Manager