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Explore a Career in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Industry!

Are you looking for a career where you could influence products that touch the lives of every person and home in New Zealand?  With an FMCG career, you’ll have the opportunity to work for some of our most treasured and iconic brands. And, as FMCG businesses become more socially and environmentally aware, you’ll have an inside seat on the future of our consumer world.    

“If you’re creative, ambitious and able to understand what consumers want and how you can reach them, you’ll always have a role” - FMCG Headhunter 
From a split second purchase decision at the shelf, the production capability measured by the minute, the overnight sales results on a new campaign or the thousands of competing for new innovations launched every year, everything about the FMCG sector is fast. 
An FMCG career offers real jobs and real responsibility, with the flexibility to move disciplines inside a company, between companies and even internationally.  Success in an FMCG career might take you from a small local player to a large multinational – or the other way round. In any case, you can be sure that FMCG graduates go places.
You’ll take pride in being part of a sector that touches every person, in every home, in every shop, in every corner of New Zealand. And you’ll have the chance to work on brilliant brands from world-class companies that constantly need fresh thinking to keep them competitive, appealing, available and famous.
Smart graduates pick FMCG because:
It’s FAST: you’ll never have a dull moment
It’s MOVING: you’ll get diverse experiences
It’s CONSUMER: you get to touch people’s lives
It’s GOOD: you’ll always be in demand
Are you ready for a Fast-Moving Career?
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