We’re not going to tell you about insurance (you’ll learn about that when you start working with us). Instead, we’re going to tell you why more rural New Zealanders are with us than any other insurer.

 We’re rural

If you ask around about us, you’ll find that our clients don’t just see us as their insurance provider. Farmers and growers come to us because we know our stuff when it comes to their business. That’s why we recruit grads with knowledge in and a passion for the agriculture industry – because we’re out there with our gumboots on, supporting those that make up the backbone of our economy.


We’re about advice

As a mutual organisation that’s owned by our clients (similar to a cooperative), we exist to give rural New Zealand a better deal, and that’s not just about paying out claims when things go wrong. It’s about preventing risks from happening in the first place. We work alongside our clients to identify, understand, and manage their risks. This requires a strong understanding of farming and the risks the industry faces.


 We’re a great place to work

  • In 2014 FMG was voted second in the Large Workplaces category for the
    Best Workplaces Awards.
  • We offer 5 days of leave per year for professional development.
  • We celebrate success with internal awards and recognition (including a really epic conference!).
  • We get out at community and industry events.
  • We have great people who know how to have fun (sometimes we even dress up in a Chicken Man suit to spice up our training sessions…).
  • We do a bunch of other great stuff, which you can check out here.



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