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At FNZ, you will work with some of the most talented people in the financial services and technology space. We employ over 1,800 people and are a rapidly growing firm in markets spanning Europe, Asia, Australia, and NZ. This creates continuous opportunities to be challenged, evolve your knowledge and skills, and work with some of the largest financial institutions globally, as our customers.

It's hard work at times, as is the case with all successful fast-growth companies, but highly rewarding for those who seek to challenge themselves and progress their careers.

We offer a range of opportunities to enhance skills and knowledge, including mentoring from experts in the various financial, technology, regulatory and risk management roles that we employ, through to formal training programs and recognition of self-directed training and development.

We only employ the best people, into a truly meritocratic environment, where talent, ambition, and results are more important than years of service.