Want to do something different to everyone else?

Want unique challenges and loads of variety?

Want to know you are helping keep our country safe? 

The New Zealand Intelligence Community (NZIC) is a community of government agencies working together to build a safer and more prosperous New Zealand.  We are committed to doing beyond ordinary work everyday to keep New Zealanders safe.  We protect and enhance our country’s interest here and overseas.  We investigate, we analyse and we advise.

The Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) forms part of the NZIC and has an exciting Graduate Programme for those looking for something different.  What we do is not ordinary and we are looking for intelligent and enthusiastic graduates to join us in keeping New Zealanders safe, while also looking after the economic and wellbeing of New Zealand too.

The graduate programme has two streams – an analyst steam for one year, and a technical stream for two years to learn more about our industry, while using your strong analytical and problem solving skills across a number of different parts of GCSB.  Each year our new graduate cohorts are amazed with the new skills they pick up through our ongoing coaching and mentoring, and the diverse range of activities they are involved in. 

Challenge that is beyond ordinary

A supportive team environment – we have a friendly, collegiate and inclusive culture where you can focus and learn and differences are respected.

Unique work - which involves thinking outside the box and coming up with original creative and analytical solutions. While we can’t tell you too much at this stage, we can tell you it won’t be like any other opportunity you can find in New Zealand! 

Variety with customised rotations – you will gain a broad industry understanding before deciding which area you want to specialise in.  You will then have access to an amazing career pathway across a number of areas without the need to change employers.

Extra benefits – flexible hours for work/life balance, a fun social club, in-house gym, extra annual leave, health insurance and eye checks are just some of our everyday perks.

A permanent position at the end of the graduate programme.

Working with us also entails being comfortable about not talking to friends and family about what you do at work, or in some circumstances not even telling them where you work!  Our organisation does protect state secrets and we take our roles seriously, so confidentiality is mandatory for everyone.

So if you are up for the challenge and want a career, not just a job, where no two days are ever the same … check out our website for more information to see if this is the career for you!  Where else can you find a career which has great work stories which you can’t share … that takes a special sort of person to feel that pride – but say nothing!


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Government Communications Security Bureau


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Attend careers and employer events

Second to last year of tertiary study

Apply for internships and research graduate jobs

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