Graduate Programme

With the GovTech Talent Graduate Programme you will be placed on three 8-month rotations for a total of 24-month throughout the duration of the graduate programme.

The combination of agencies that you will work with will depend on the roles that you apply for.

The Roles


In a security role, you’ll evaluate risks so that the agency can make informed decisions. It's about protecting data and information between government, businesses and citizens. Done securely, you will help build trust and confidence in government services in a digital world.

You’ll learn how government keeps its systems secure and manage risks. To do this, you will need to be able to assess risks and remain solution focused.

Information & Data

In an Information and data role, you’ll collate and present information and data in a way that is easy to understand. This information will help agencies ask the right questions and support governments data-driven future.

This role will allow you to learn about data collection and analysis and see how it can be used to provide insights. The knowledge you acquire will help you to advise colleagues and managers on how governments information and data can be kept safe.

Project Delivery

In a project delivery role, you’ll work in a project team delivering and monitoring projects. You’ll work in small to large scale projects ensuring the team considers the customer from start to finish. This requires you to be organised, determined and enjoy working with people.

By being involved at different stages of a project's lifecycle, you will be exposed to how projects are designed and run. Project delivery experience will stand you in good stead for a number of roles in the future.


In this role, you will help managers understand what digital technologies can offer. You have the opportunity to gain skills in a hands-on technology environment, as well as engaging with other government agencies and private companies.

As well as wanting to grow and develop your understanding of technology in a business context, you will need to be aware of what New Zealanders want. You will help to develop solutions that are designed for the customer.


In a UX role, you’ll work in a team designing and developing tools and services that assist with the interaction between the government and the public. Thinking of the overall experience of the user, you’ll evaluate and improve upon the ways government can best serve New Zealanders.

The whole point of UX is to make things simple for the customer. You need to be customer focused, creative, and detail oriented.

Digital Integrator

In a digital integrator role, you will need to be a future thinker. You will research digital trends to facilitate government's transition into digital. You will communicate your ideas with colleagues and managers to streamline services to the public.

As part of this role, you will be looking at how government can take advantage of existing digital tools, as well as understanding how these tools can be used to improve customer services.

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