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Our Programme

How the programme works

You spend 24-months rotating through three of the participating government agencies, spending eight months in each.

  • In your 1st eight-month rotation, you will explore multiple opportunities. Check out the Skills and Knowledge Section to discover the type of work on offer.
  • By the 2nd Rotation in your next agency you’ll navigate a new environment; refining your existing skills and honing in on your desired career path.
  • By the 3rd Rotation, we’ll help position you to be 'career ready'.

Who we are looking for

We need people who share a passion for improving the lives of New Zealanders - individuals who like a challenge and find joy in developing services, products, platforms, and solutions for the public good.

  • Individuals who are community-focussed and passionate about working to advance NZ.
  • A big-picture thinker - drilling down to what matters and apprciating the environment in which you engage.
  • Highly effective communication skills.
  • No need to have a technical background, although an interest in technology is a good thing.
  • You also need to have graduated with (at minimum) a Bachelor's degree within the last 24 months or be due to graduate in 2020. Be available to work from February 2021

Here’s what the graduates have to say…

“The leadership team and Grads come together to make the programme work. Lots of programmes don’t do that or give graduates that voice amongst management”

Nathan Mountfort, former GTT Graduate

“I am learning skills that are relevant in the modern workplace, and I’m developing relationships and experience that will put me in a good position to pursue my goals into the future”

Chris McDowall, former GTT Graduate

  • The freedom to explore what you are passionate about.
  • Exposure to a number of different business areas, projects, areas of interest, ways of working.
  • Experiencing real-time effects of your work benefiting New Zealanders.
  • The social nature of the programme, working with the other graduates.
  • A say in the direction of the programme. Your voice matters!
  • You will receive ongoing coaching and mentoring to guide your career development.
  • You will receive networking opportunities – you will meet many talented leaders in the industry, and you’ll be encouraged to work closely with the other graduates to build a strong network that will serve your future career.
  • You will receive both technical and personal development to align with your career aspirations.